Kanye West Sued Over “Bound 2″ Sample


Ricky Spicer, 56, was shocked when he heard his own voice on the radio… on a Kanye West song. The song was “Bound 2,” and it features a vocal sample of Spicer singing “Bound,” a song he recorded when he was 12 years old and lead singer of the soul group The Ponderosa Twins Plus One. The Daily News reports that Spicer claims he never gave permission to Kanye or the label, and now he wants to be paid.

The suit also names Roc-A-Fella Records, Island Def-Jam Music, Rhino Entertainment, and Universal Music Group as defendants. Hear “Bound” and Bound 2″ below.

(Daily News)

  • Jumi

    You’re telling me that he got an entire gospel choir together to record a 5 second clip for “On Sight”, but he overlooked getting clearance for what is basically an entire beat? How does this stuff even work?!

  • Cris

    I actually like the original better for some reason

  • Klyph

    OR the person that’s suing him doesn’t understand that Kanye doesn’t need HIS permission, all he needs is for the sample to be cleared by the person that OWNS the recording, which I can guarantee ISNT Ricky Spicer!

  • Knows the biz

    Ricky Spicer’s lawyer would not have filed the suit if he didn’t have some claim. He either owns the copyright to the lyrics or the recording. Kanye tried to rob Young Chop of the Chief Keef- “Don’t like” beat.. Nothing new.. He got caught.

  • Toby

    its a fantastic song

  • Jordan

    Because Bound 2 sucks?

  • Snoob

    He didn’t steal the beat. He remixed it. Young Chop didn’t like the new version but nothing illegal was done.

  • Devin Middleton

    Kanyes not actually at fault. Hes apart of the case b/c its his song, but its Def Jam’s job to clear samples and give Kanye the go. Def Jam has been a failing label lately tho. Undershipping/promoting 2 Chainz, Big Seans, and Pusha T’s albums. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just tried to get away with this one b/c theyre low on funds n saw Ye’s promotion strategy as too risky.

  • Jumi

    Bureaucracy is strange.

    Sidenote: I can’t stop listening to the original song. So good.

  • SongbirdTEG

    Every time the drums dropped on the original, my mind automatically wanted to hear “uh huh honey”……

  • nate

    bound 2 sucks? this is news to me

  • nate

    bound 2 sucks? this is news to me

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