Lil B Will (Finally) Have a Documentary Made in His Image

Image via Image via TK-UserName on Tumblr / Requested Credit

Image via Image via TK-UserName on Tumblr / Requested Credit

Days after releasing a mixtape 101 songs long, Lil B has returned to the fore with news of a documentary based on his life. IMDB has listed the movie’s release as September 2014, and producer Ethan Higbee shared this picture on Instagram. It’s an interaction between Lil B and T-Pain. The video of said interaction is below. Pay close attention:

As you can see, T-Pain is on a Segway. He is also wearing slippers, very fluffy slippers. He is, as one Redditor pointed out, “dressed better than anyone ever, on a Segway, talking to Lil B about how much he and his wife like his music, and Lil B is dead respectful. Too positive.”

Basedworld will follow the Based God through the journey of life that has produced thousands of songs, hundreds of social media accounts, and a rabid following that verges further towards religion than fan basedom.

This is the end of a long journey for Basedworld, assuming this is the same Basedworld that posted a trailer three years ago. Here’s hoping it a smooth ride from here on out, may it include many more Segways. Watch the trailer below:

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