The World According to Marilyn Manson


Demonized and revered, Marilyn Manson once stood as the singular boogie man of American pop culture. The self-styled "Antichrist Superstar" frightened parents, inspired fans, and challenged expectations for the intelligence and consideration of a modern rock star, his dedication to shock and limit-pushing founded on a deep-rooted desire to counter the assumptions of a society that would gladly cast him as a pariah. Peel back the makeup, the rumors, the frightening photos, and the industrial wall-of-sound rock, and a thoughtful, particularly intelligent artist lies at the core, provocative to be sure but ultimately a humanist with a desire to instill similar skepticism in the minds of others.

Failing all that, he just wants to make sure no one makes any music that confuses strippers.

Take a glimpse at the world through the words of one of the most iconoclastic musicians of the last three decades, Marilyn Manson.

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