The Neighbourhood – “Silver”



Though The Neighbourhood has been diligently touring, making stops across the country, they’ve apparently also somehow managed to record new music for their fans. During their travels, the band wrote and recorded songs for a forthcoming release titled #000000 & #FFFFFF, and our first taste of the project is through “Silver.” The staccatoing, industrial beat is nicely contrasted with Jesse Rutherford’s hushed, delicate vocals, the outcome of which sounds like something that should be enjoyed during nighttime drives.

In case if you were wondering how why they decided to pull together #000000 & #FFFFFF despite their hectic schedule, Jesse of the band explains:

#000000 & #FFFFFF is a diary of songs that are inspired by our thoughts while on the road. It exposes our anxiety, rejoices in our achievement and expresses our ability to create whatever the fuck we want. It’s our freedom to explore popular music as we know it. It’s not us as a band… it’s us as a sound.

Also, for those who aren’t hunched over a computer fiddling with HTML for hours and hours each day, #000000 and #FFFFFF are the HTML codes for black and white, respectively. This, of course, goes perfectly with The Neighbourhood’s now signature black-and-white aesthetic. A release date for #000000 & #FFFFFF has yet to be announced, so in the meantime, listen to “Silver” below.

  • mic

    is riff raff in it

  • DG

    I honestly think that is a joke between friends because he already has a career going and the neighbourhood has already started recording for their second album.

  • Luna

    lets hope not!

  • Sierra Terrell

    They are soo talented! I love this band and their sound. I love this new song & it has such a chill atmospheric vibe. It’s just so dope! Xo

  • Dora

    I love this song so much!!! If you guys see this please follow me @doraperezz i am you guys biggest fan no joke even though it sounds cheessy.

  • ClaudiaV

    Who says they need that idiot riff raff?! The rest of the band did not look happy about him “joining” when Jesse announced it on kroq’s acoustic xmas concert…

  • Emma

    Love all their music

  • Nika InSpace

    I love them and their music they are just too awesome

  • Nika InSpace

    I love them and their music they are just too awesome

  • Nika InSpace

    I love their music, it’s my drug :D

  • Edreece

    You all need to check out 17-year-old artist Robbie Leone’s debut project:

  • Devin CalisFinest Brown

    i mean, what’d you expect?
    it’s The NBHD

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  • Thyestean

    Am I the only one who found this song to be boring as hell? No emotion. No hook. No real beat. Nothing to captivate.

  • Meekers

    Haven’t heard a Neighbourhood song I haven’t enjoyed yet! Can’t wait for the next album :)

  • Hgjhf

    I personally don’t enjoy riff raff being part of the nbhd

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  • JMP1

    Anyone knows the release date of new album? I saw them perform Silver live last weekend and think they’re awesome!!

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