NorvisJr – “Songs in the Key of Chos Vol​.​1″


In a lot of experimental music, the soul gets lost. In dissonance, irregularity, and instability, sometimes things start to feel more random and less human. It’s a strange thing, since humans are one big mess of mistakes, flaws, and randomness, but making that translate through music isn’t easy. It’s much easier to hit those same chord progressions right on beat, as so many artists before have done and as so many artists will continue to do. Every now and then, an artist figures it out.

There’s a wave of production that’s been building for years now thanks to guys like Flying Lotus and Madlib, and NorvisJr adds to it with a disjointed kind of experimental soul music. It booms and claps like hip-hop but it flickers off-key and off-beat in the best ways, blending in the right amount of melody to hold it all together. It might trigger a few glitches in your brain, but brains should be glitchy, sometimes.

NorvisJr is originally from Dallas and now lives in Brooklyn. He handles all recording, mixing, and production himself. Listen to/download Songs in the Key of Chos vol​.​1 below, and download it for a price of your choice via Bandcamp.

  • Bri (Remy)

    Man SAY!!!

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  • terence nance

    album of the year

  • terence nance

    album of the year

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    what he said

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    SO GOOD!

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    Love this shit to death

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