Roscoe’s Wetsuit: Finding Meaning in Childish Gambino’s “Because The Internet” on the Internet


By Dee Lockett & Confusion

At the beginning of 2012, Kanye West published a series of tweets outlining his vision for his design company DONDA. He aspired to change the world with design and he continues to push things forward with the set design on his current Yeezus tour. But there's someone else, someone influenced by Kanye, who has spent the tail-end of 2013 taking his own path and innovating. And that someone is 30-year-old Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

For the past four months, Donald has taken his creative ingenuity and built an alternate reality to house the rollout for his sophomore album Because the Internet, out now, and with each day we learn something new about this world. Appropriately, we're learning most of it through the Internet. Using two elaborate websites and social media, Donald has created an immersive environment that's inspiring kids internationally to do things their own teachers struggle to get them to do every day: read, think critically, engage with art, and even learn how to code. But most valuable of all, he's started an online conversation with entire websites, forums, and threads on Reddit devoted to coming together as a community to decipher all things BTI.

This alternate reality is so vast and multi-layered that it can be difficult to understand without spending a LOT of time on the Internet. To save you that investment, we've engrossed ourselves in Donald Glover's new world, the world of "The Boy," a character we just met last week when Childish released an astonishingly ambitious 73-page screenplay  to accompany the album. We read dozens of online forums, studied various theories, and combed through every aspect of Donald/CG's online life dating back to July. And with all that knowledge, we gathered everything we learned about Because the Internet from the Internet.

Because you asked for it.


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