The Pigeons & Planes Staff Lists Their Favorite Albums of 2013


Making year-end lists is a difficult task. It is all the more difficult when you're part of a team. Everyone has their favorites, everyone is advocating for different albums, and naturally sacrifices have to be made. We already published our Best Albums of 2013 (go join the debate in the comments section), but here the Pigeons & Planes staff lists their personal favorite albums of 2013, including some gems you otherwise might have missed.

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  • Tim

    Jennifer is still going! Alright

  • Gabriel Ariza


  • The Prophet

    the fact that so many of the staff members had Yeezus in Top 5 or 1 shows how shitty this fucking website’s taste is. If half of you thought Yeezus was album of the year then Pigeons and Planes is a fucking joke of a blog, site, and company (if you even have offices…). Good luck staying alive in the next few years.

  • morrissey

    what’s your top 10 of 2013?

  • The Prophet

    1) Watching Movies with the Sound Off – Mac Miller

    2) Acid Rap – Chance

    3) Nothing Was the Same – Drake

    4) INNANETAPE – Vic Mensa


    6) Wolf – Tyler, The Creator

    7) Because The Internet – Childish Gambino (may move up with time)

    8) Stay Trippy – Juicy J

    9) Born Sinner – J. Cole

    10) Old – Danny Brown

  • GrammaFone

    I realllllyyyy wish that there was at least one list where Yeezus wasn’t present at all.

  • akMontufar

    Good luck finding any other respectable list on the planet with Mac Miller in the top slot. 2013 was a crazy year in music. With all that was released I just don’t see how a legit top 10 list could be rap/hip-hop/R&B exclusive. Look, I enjoyed all of the albums you listed, but we simply disagree on their level of quality.

  • The Prophet

    First, I’d like to see the rubric the staff used for ‘quality’ that placed Yeezus so high up in all those lists or even in them at all. Second, these lists aren’t anywhere close to the top ten list of albums of the year, this is a list of favorite albums this year. Being that rap/hip-hop/R&B are GENRES of music they probably should not be compared to other DIFFERENT genres of music. If we’re just talking about our favorite albums I have no basis of judgment. In fact, none of us virtually have any authority to rank the albums of 2013 without hearing them all. Therefore, your lists are pretty exclusive as fuck, too. The main problem is that I have a heavy heart when I see Kanye’s album surpassing the names I see up there. To me, it seems that your staff consists of Kanye hypebeasts who were heedlessly impressed by that album simply because it was his. The Chicago rapper heavily relies on the assistance of TNGHT, Rick Rubin and others in collaboration so much that you can’t even find the originality in Yeezus under a microscope. Kanye could’ve simply made a better album by producing the whole things his damn self (he’s done this multiple times and has gone platinum doing it). Also, if any of you want to tell me Yeezus was better than Mac Miller’s album than you are very wrong. If you don’t respect my list because Mac Miller is at the top (not even in order anyway) you’re probably stuck in petty predispositions to actually realize his album is a shitload more original, sonically acceptable and meaningful than Yeezus. But hey, that’s just what I think a quality album is to me…

  • gueSt


  • brian

    lol if mac miller made yeezus p&p probably wouldn’t fuck with it…

  • Guest

    Kanye rushed the shit out of Yeezus. he made like half of it in a day or so. not that impressive of an album. very disappointed

  • gibran

    1. Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap
    2. Migos – Y.R.N
    3. Pusha-T – My Name is my Name
    4. Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights
    5. Kanye West – Yeezus

  • TheDon

    My Top 10

    1. MBV-MBV
    2. Run the Jewels-Run the Jewels
    3. Deerhunter-Monomania
    4. Arcade Fire-Reflektor
    5. Death Grips-Government Plates
    6. Burial-Rival-Dealer

    7. Foxygen- 21st century ambassadors…
    8. Jon Hopkins- Immunity
    9. Danny Brown- Old
    10. Kurt Vile-Walkin on a Pretty Daze

    Honorable Mentions to: Yung Lean, Baths, DJ Rashad, Darkside, Earl, and Chance

  • RBS

    You do realize that Yeezus is on the top 10 lists of like 90% of music publications & blogs, right? Which, according to your logic, makes everyone a joke… Seems like the joke’s on you buddy.

  • gibran

    thats not even true, he didn’t make half the album in a day thats completely false

  • gibran

    thats not even true, he didn’t make half the album in a day thats completely false

  • Flightless Bird

    Wale isn’t going to be happy about this……..

  • morrissey

    AAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDD you lost the ability to criticize with your number 1 album of 2013 being Watching Movies …

  • Wa

    nope its on there

  • Khoko

    Come on… Yeezus was his worst album, man. It’s so easy to say he had the best album or one of the best.. When everybody else is. That’s a shame. I’m fairly certain, you’ve all heard better. To each his own but this is some drone type shit right here. It’s hard for me to even feel the site when Drake and Kanye are even mentioned at all. This year had some real quality music. It’s a shame that got passed on to get those Kanye knocks.

  • Brendan Guiney

    juss cause u hate on kanye dont mean you gotta hate his album which was, indisputably, one of the best of 2013

  • Brendan Guiney

    first list ive seen death grips and i love it

  • Tazcho

    My top 10:
    1) Kid Cudi – Indicud
    2) James Blake – Overgrown
    3) Toro Y Moi – Anything In Return
    4) Justin Timberlake – 20/20 Experience
    5) Drake – Nothing Was The Same
    6) Kanye West – Yeezus
    7) Vince Stables & Larry Fisherman – Stolen Youth
    8) Tyler the Creator – Wolf
    9) King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath The Moon
    10) Earl Sweatshirt – Doris

    @The Prophet – And i cannot really see why people shouldn’t have the right to like Kanye West and Yeezus? I’ve been a fan of him since his first album and I really enjoy his music! Now I have to put up with peoples shit and get called a hypebeast for no particular reason… Just because you don’t like it, isen’t the same as everyone around you having a bad taste in music (oh yeah, and running a joke of a blog). If you don’t respect others people’s opinions, how would you expect others to respect yours?

  • brian
  • The Prophet

    Yep, I do realize that, and I’m finding better ways to find music these days. Fucking blogs these days are all sheep and follow the wave. They don’t actually SEARCH for good music anymore, they take checks and follow hits.

  • theartsnobs

    It makes me happy to see so many people call out the obvious bullshit P&P has become with their Kanye obsession. It defies logic – please show us the rubric, other than fishing for more views?

    Edit: It’s fine if you like the album, to each his own, but to put it on such a pedestal with nothing to back it up other than “genre bending, and GOD!!!” and “you know it was the best album of the year” is stupid. It seems that the only people really pushing for the album are the blogs and of course Kanye. The album failed on almost every level. Bloated sonically (6+ songwriters per song), Pretentious meaningless lyrics, comparable to budget probably barely profitable, and it didn’t chart singles.

    This all come from a place of love cause P&P used to be the best blog out.

  • Guest

    I can’t say it was the best but it was much better than Yeezus…

  • Gabriel Ariza

    Color map of the sun by pretty lights is really underrated. Glad it got a Grammy nomination!

  • Devin Middleton

    Dude, why attack people b/c they have different taste than you? And why should their be a rubric for liking music? Music is subjective. The qualities that I prefer may not be the same for you n that’s OKAY.

  • IsaishthomasVs DiegoSantana

    go to youtube and type coa big i hands up and comment and like or dislike keep it real

  • Constant Gardner

    How is putting Kanye top fishing for more views?

    In the site’s best albums list we wrote about each record and why we placed it where we did ( this list is a personal staff list with our own choices, hence no explanations.

    Budget and chart placement have no bearing on how good an album is. Yeezus is an incredibly divisive record. Lots of people think it’s Kanye’s worst, and certainly, it’s not the lush, rich listen that MBDTF. It’s hard to listen to, it’s offensive, it sounds like nothing else out there.

    Lots of artists talk about pushing boundaries, trying to do something new, and being passionate about their music, but Kanye West is the only one who actually wholly commits to those ideals. Fully commits. It’s brave for a pop star to make an album this aggressive and abrasive, to make an album that lots of people definitely won’t like. It’s exciting to see someone in that position not just reaching to Hit Boy and Mike Will for some hits. Yeezus challenges the status quo, challenges normalcy, concerns itself with class and race, it lashes out in every direction. It’s ugly, but it’s also incredibly important that someone this visible, someone in the centre of popular culture like Kanye, has the balls to say exactly how he feels and do exactly what he wants.

    Plus, I fucking love that distorted synth on On Sight.

  • gibran

    he finished writing the lyrics to some songs in 2 hours and recorded them, that has nothing to do with the time kanye spent and always spends on the beats (the thing that takes the longest on just about any album you can ever name)

  • Mark

    With time, this became more about “look at how different my top ten list is; i mean, it starts out with those five albums everyone knows, but let me throw in some last random five to spice things up” than contesting P&P’s appreciation of Kanye.

  • Koala

    So for Christmas, you got us ten copies of the same list? Thanks so much!