Tei Shi – “M&Ms (MP • Williams Paranoid Remix)”


It’s always nice when P&P favorites play nicely together. New York-based singer Tei Shi‘s debut single “M&Ms” caught us pleasantly off guard, a bolt of unusual, slow-burning pop that introduced a new talent well-worth watching. Bronx producer MP Williams has posted a solid 2013, crafting moodily modern beats for fellow Bronx-dwellers Doley Bernays and Bitches is Crazy that landed him on our list of the best up-and-coming hip-hop producers.

While Tei Shi and MP haven’t connected for an original song, the producer’s aptly titled “Paranoid Remix” shines a MP filters Tei Shi’s left-of-center pop through his gauzily cinematic lens, chopping vocals atop a bed of warmly foreboding bass and skittering vocals. It’s an otherworldly (and all too brief) recasting of one of our favorite songs of the year. Listen below.

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