Hear Wale’s Reaction to Being Left Off Complex’s Best Albums of the Year List


Wale wasn’t included in Complex’s list of The Best Albums of 2013, and he wasn’t happy about it. He called the Complex offices and shared how he saw the situation, and the conversation quickly escalated to yelling and threatening. Hear the audio of the phone conversation above.

I swear to God I’ll come to that office and start knocking n****s the fuck out… I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Get the security ready.


Update: Here’s Wale’s latest Instagram response:

  • Tyson Staab

    Sorry Wale, but your not in my top 50 Albums of this year either. Your album wasn’t bad, it had some cuts, but it’s not one of the top 50 Albums of this year in my book either. Whomp Whomp

  • david

    I am sure it’s just a marketing campaing to raise this nigga sales. He just thought that it’s cool right now to do some rants and shit. He’s trying to be Kanye in this one. So funny.

  • Rob J Hyland Monks


  • MildManneredReporter

    wale gonna go home have a nice bitch cry and write a new poem and get over it. his album was wack he needs to get over himself

  • Jobi

    I reeeally hope this dude would grow some balls and accept defeat. The man sounds like the Mad Rapper in the Kick in The Door skit

  • Brandon Kaplan

    ..pathetic. What a joke, Wale hasn’t been relevant since ’09 lol.

  • Richard Evans

    Niggers ain’t civilized…


  • alfie j

    Come on, guy.

  • Richard Evans

    Not racist but its just the truth.


  • Jared M.

    Wale was feelin some type of way.

  • bibamorgan

    He made it onto the list for the biggest twats of 2013.

  • Roccstar

    Worst rapper in the fuckin GAME. And Juicy J’s album was better

  • ThatFnGuyOverThere

    Juicy J came out with an album this year?

  • Saint Elsewhere


  • IsaishthomasVs DiegoSantana
  • Khoko

    LOL! Who is you to be axin’ me questions!?

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