Watch Danny Brown Talk Meeting Eminem, “Old,” and Traveling to South Africa


When Kanye West isn’t screaming “You ain’t got the answers, Sway!” in his face, Sway Calloway also hosts a show on MTV called RapFix Live. And yesterday he sat down with Danny Brown, whose third album Old holds the No. 13 spot on our Best Albums of 2013 list, to talk about recording the album. He also talks about his involvement in Bob Dylan’s interactive “Like a Rolling Stone” video, traveling to South Africa, and his one and only meeting with Eminem in Brussels. “I feel like I met Marshall, I didn’t meet Eminem,” he says.

See part one of the interview above, and part two below.


  • belgiumssmallbutcmon…

    It wasn’t Brussels, it was Kiewit (Hasselt), at the Pukkelpop Festival. For some reason they thought they were in Brussels tho’. Eminem was shouting ‘what’s up Brussels!’ all the time… it was kind of awkward

  • Dee Lockett

    That’s actually hilarious.

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