25 Rap Skits You Never Want to Skip


While this sentiment might not resonate for some of our readers, others among you will know it well: You see the word "skit" on a tracklist and roll your eyes. "Why didn't they just put another song on?" you wonder. Most of the time, you're right. A large proportion of skits on rap albums turn out to be pointless or simply dull, misguided attempts to add weight, dimension, or entertainment to a project where none of the three was demanded.

In capable hands, however, the skit is an art that does add to an the experience of an album, providing narrative context, comedic relief, or simply a set of phrases and themes to relate to an artist and his or her songs. While you might not return to an album purely because of its skits, they can become deeply embedded in the fabric of a great work, trademarks of artists who think about the listening experience beyond beats and rhymes.

Here are 25 skits we never want skip.

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