25 Rap Skits You Never Want to Skip


While this sentiment might not resonate for some of our readers, others among you will know it well: You see the word "skit" on a tracklist and roll your eyes. "Why didn't they just put another song on?" you wonder. Most of the time, you're right. A large proportion of skits on rap albums turn out to be pointless or simply dull, misguided attempts to add weight, dimension, or entertainment to a project where none of the three was demanded.

In capable hands, however, the skit is an art that does add to an the experience of an album, providing narrative context, comedic relief, or simply a set of phrases and themes to relate to an artist and his or her songs. While you might not return to an album purely because of its skits, they can become deeply embedded in the fabric of a great work, trademarks of artists who think about the listening experience beyond beats and rhymes.

Here are 25 skits we never want skip.

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  • Rob J Hyland Monks

    When I seen Dre’s face I thought ‘surely they haven’t included Pause 4 Porno?’

  • Jason

    Kanye.. kanye its Fox man, and I’m just saying y’know, I was talkin to the girls y’know….

  • Devin Middleton

    Only 1 from Cam? Come on Tanners…

  • Jared Samuel

    How can you forget “The Breakup” with Mike Epps from T.I.’s King album!?

  • Jon Tanners

    It’s not a definitive list, mane.

  • Jordan Grammer

    What in the fuck was that Kanye? I told you to do some shit for the kids

  • u r dumb

    No Broke Phi Broke?

  • gorilla

    Wow, I’m really surprised none of Redman’s “This is a motherfuckin’stickup”skits made the list. Or the chickenhead convention… dude had crazy interludes…

  • what?

    the chickenhead convention is on the list???

  • Anthony Bentancourt

    what about biggie shittin on a bitch?

  • Fack

    Em public service announcement? ???

  • Do Better

    No love for Eminem? Seriously?

  • slow SINY

    What about every BIg Pun skit? Pacinamacinthebacoftheac?

  • TomBrady21

    Dr Dre’s ED-Ucation is the greatest!

  • RBS


  • jimmybarlow

    Where the hell is Ken Kaniff from The Slim Shady LP? Best skit of all time

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  • popcorn

    On the real, I know The Chronic is well repped but $20 Dolla Sack Pyramid is the greatest skit of all time. I didn’t even think it was a debate.

  • ..

    kenneth kaniff?

  • Ziem Phala

    What about the dating game skit from Handsome Boy Modeling School’s White People?

  • Laserfist

    Souls of Mischief – Morgan Freeman. G.O.A.T.

  • http://twitter.com/troybrowntv TroyBrownTV

    I’m sure Ghost and 50 have seen each other several times since. Wonder how that went.

  • krow132

    “woodrow aint never hurt nobody, get these big niggas off me” lol still funny

  • krow132

    good list, couple more I would add

    funniest skit i ever heard is DMX skit from the beginning of How Its Going Down. I also would add Eminem’s public service the one on MMLP. The skit at the end of Fugees The Score title track (” All Jay do is front and lie b”……. “Michelle you fucked Jay? ewwwww hell no). The skit on Mobb Deep, GOD pt 3. (that skit is violent and chilling to me). Kanye broke phi broke skit. Kanye School Spirit skit.

  • meh

    One of the best skits ever that should be on this list: The skit from Drag-On’s album. “Oh you wanna play cause im in my chair? You wanna play cause Im in my chair? Where my phone?”

  • Easley380

    Jay Jerkin: JadaKiss & Rape’n U Records: The L.O.X.

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