Acoustic Versions of Songs That Are Better Than The Original


For as long as we can remember using YouTube, we remember seeing kitschy acoustic versions of popular songs. The more surprising they are, the more attention they get—like, when blonde girls cover Chief Keef. This new wave of acoustic versions is cute, but they never last. Nobody is still listening to that blonde girl who covered Chief Keef and uploaded it to YouTube. In some rare cases, acoustic versions expose new sides to songs and artists. With nothing but vocals and unplugged instruments, there's no place to hide. Every now and then, the acoustic versions even top the originals.

Here are 13 acoustic versions of songs that are better than the original.

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  • nes

    the fact that “everlong” is the first song on this list really validates my existence

  • Riley

    Jeff Buckley recorded/played “Hallelujah” on an electric guitar, albeit in a mellow/singer-songwriter style.

  • Weimey

    This version of Hallelujah is pretty good, too.

  • ontheforum

    Yes, it’s awesome that a band can take their song that required so much production, and break it down into something acoustic for their fans.. just like on MTV Unplugged years ago. Still, the band needs a great song to begin with before it will sound great on acoustic!

    Warm Regards,

    3000 Records

  • Arananthi

    Yeah, um…Niykee Heaton…people still listen to her. Just sayin’.

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