Ridiculous Album Release Strategies That Might Actually Work in 2014


For years now, the music industry has been changing so quickly that nobody really knows exactly what they're doing. After years of the same old release strategies, in 2013 a whole bunch of people seemed to collectively decide: "You know, maybe we should try something new." Throughout the year, we saw some creative ideas come to life. Like:

- Kanye's projections
- Childish Gambino's full embrace of the internet
- Daft Punk's comeback
- Jay Z's Samsung partnership
- Eminem's video game premiere
- Arcade Fire's grassroots mystery
- Beyoncé's end-of-year surprise

These strategies may still need to be fine-tuned, but this is how we learn. We try things out, evaluate the results, then adjust accordingly. We've evaluated 2013, and we think artists, labels, and PR firms are still playing it too safe. We need to push things to the extreme and see what's really good, so we came up with some 2014 album release strategies of our own.

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