The 15 Best MF DOOM Songs (That DOOM Rapped on and Produced)


Few rappers and producers have as distinctive a style as DOOM. Inspite of his many identities and the sonic experiments that have accompanied them, the core of his style is immediately recognizable: smooth, drawled rhymes packed with layers of dense (often seemingly impenetrable) references, metaphors, and images; off-kilter, jazz, muzak, and movie-sampling beats built on uniquely wonky, thumping hand-programmed drums.

"What I usually do when I’m producing a record, I’ll come up with the beat first and the beat will inspire the lyrics...I don’t like to overdo it too much," said DOOM during an interview with Red Bull Music Academy. "I like to keep it close to the original as possible, leave a little something to the imagination, but enough to get the translation across. Then just write to it. It’s that simple."

DOOM's catalog is expansive and difficult to crystallize in a typical "best of" list. Spanning decades, collaborations, groups, and personas, it's one of the deepest libraries of any artist in hip-hop history, as consistently imaginative and enjoyable as it is vast. In honor of the 15th anniversary of DOOM's seminal, self-produced solo album Operation Doomsday, we look at the 15 best songs that he both produced and rapped on.

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  • Jumi

    No “Doomsday”? Well I guess narrowing it down to 15 is pretty difficult. Perfect list otherwise.

  • pug

    #6 :thumbsup:

  • pug

    #6 :thumbsup:

  • Jesus

    Novembers Come???

  • Jon Tanners

    A Gorillaz song produced by Danger Mouse and Damon Albarn. Didn’t qualify for this particular list.

  • TroyBrownTV

    MF Doom is a genius for one reason and one reason only; he performs in a mask which leaves him free to walk the streets unbothered in his free time. I bet he never gets stopped and asked for an autograph or nothing. He can just do as he pleases. He gets to be famous when he wants to be and he gets to be a regular person when he wants to be. That’s brilliant.

  • Geppetto

    All great songs by MF Doom…but “Hey!” at is #14 is a travesty. Definitely one of this top 5 best tracks. And for real, if you don’t have that King Geegorah “Take Me To Your Leader” album, do yourself a favor and get it.

  • Eb7#9/Charlie Button

    rather than point out what i think are the oversights, i’m just gonna go check out the few of these i haven’t heard before. thanks for compiling this.

  • David Walmsley

    I like this. Good call on Anti-Matter

  • Law Smith

    no Accordion or Fancy Clown?

  • Jon Tanners

    Both produced by Madlib, so they don’t count for this particular list.

  • thrughh

    who produced Ballskin?

  • Jon Tanners

    Jake One

  • Law Smith

    I though King Geedorah was produced all by random producers

  • Jon Tanners

    Nope, King Geedorah was produced by DOOM. Vaudeville Villain was produced by a collection of different producers. Madvillainy was produced entirely by Madlib.

  • Law Smith

    STILL EXCELLENT LIST BY A VERY UNDERRATED MC, YOU SHOULD DO AN ARTICLE ON Posdnuos, very underrated EMCEE doesn’t get enough props and he’s in my top 10 dead or alive

  • Anakin Flow

    no madvillan ?

  • fragrancemilllionaire

    madvillainy is produced by madlib I’m pretty sure

  • Jon Tanners

    All produced by Madlib

  • firedog

    Zev Love X

  • Alex Dreyer

    Agreed, the mystery surrounding Doom has it’s own allure as well. Unfortunately the mask can also accommodate laziness when it comes to live shows. I once saw MF open for Mos Def only it wasn’t MF at all. It was a random guy in a mask lip-syncing his songs. He got booed off stage and I got my feelings hurt. No bueno.

  • TroyBrownTV

    bullshit! are you serious?? that cant be real bruh. lmao wtf is the world coming to?

  • TroyBrownTV

    is there any footage of this?

  • Alex Dreyer
  • jimmybarlow

    Beef Rapp? Fazers?

  • Tyler Stevens

    It was a whole thing. Mos Def didn’t want to go on tour with DOOM because he had DOOMBOTs aka dudes wearing a mask lip-syncing everything. MF believes that you go to a concert for the music not the artist(or at least so i was told)

  • Tyler Stevens

    Saliva possibly the best IMO

  • Jon Tanners

    Produced by RJD2

  • Madvillain Lover

    NO MADVILLAIN? always going to have disagreements… but list could include a better variety (but everyone has there favorite albums). Ask 3 Doom fans for their top 5 albums and you’ll get like 7 different answers

  • mi

    Madlib produced all Madvillain songs, so it doesn’t qualify

  • ThisGuy

    Yeah that song is amazing. Really what got me into him.

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