The 15 Best MF DOOM Songs (That DOOM Rapped on and Produced)


Few rappers and producers have as distinctive a style as DOOM. Inspite of his many identities and the sonic experiments that have accompanied them, the core of his style is immediately recognizable: smooth, drawled rhymes packed with layers of dense (often seemingly impenetrable) references, metaphors, and images; off-kilter, jazz, muzak, and movie-sampling beats built on uniquely wonky, thumping hand-programmed drums.

"What I usually do when I’m producing a record, I’ll come up with the beat first and the beat will inspire the lyrics...I don’t like to overdo it too much," said DOOM during an interview with Red Bull Music Academy. "I like to keep it close to the original as possible, leave a little something to the imagination, but enough to get the translation across. Then just write to it. It’s that simple."

DOOM's catalog is expansive and difficult to crystallize in a typical "best of" list. Spanning decades, collaborations, groups, and personas, it's one of the deepest libraries of any artist in hip-hop history, as consistently imaginative and enjoyable as it is vast. In honor of the 15th anniversary of DOOM's seminal, self-produced solo album Operation Doomsday, we look at the 15 best songs that he both produced and rapped on.

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