Watch Broken Bells Perform New Song “The Changing Lights” for La Blogothèque’s Take Away Show

Broken Bells’ sophomore album After the Disco is a little over two weeks away from its release. And to celebrate, the duo comprised of Danger Mouse and the Shins’ James Mercer, appear in the newest edition of La Blogothèque’s “Take Away Show” filmed last November. Stopping by a small Parisian piano shop, one of the oldest in the city, Broken Bells deliver two intimate performances of a song from their first self-titled album “October” as well as a new song called “The Changing Lights.” With Danger Mouse on piano and Mercer playing the acoustic guitar, it plays as a sweeping, delicate song—one that, as the pre-show filming indicated, they hadn’t ever performed live before and were still learning. It’s a simple, mesmerizing love song.

Watch their performance of “The Changing Lights” above and “October” below. After the Disco is out February 4.


  • Bryan Hume

    James Mercer’s voice is pure gold on this one. If they make a video for the studio version, I can only hope for more Kate Mara. Stoked for 2/4 though.