The Catchiest Songs You Won’t Hear on the Radio This Month


If you read Pigeons & Planes regularly, you know we've got a thing for catchy music. Indie music may be best known for avoiding the obvious, basic nature of the mainstream sounds that dominate radio, charts, and streams, but that doesn't mean the lesser known stuff can't be catchy as hell. Here are some of the catchiest songs we heard this month that won't be on the radio.

Also, animal GIFs.


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  • Jetsfoo

    Is that a manta ray in that first gif?
    Didn’t know they had such cute, tiny legs.

  • Thulu

    MØ on the danish radio all the time.. Not that i complain.

  • TroyBrownTV

    dancing animals makes everything sound better :)

  • rrr

    amazing post

  • truecatchiness

    Holy shit. You guys have no concept of what “catchy” means, do you? The Mikky Ekko song isn’t catchy at all, and the Lapsley song… WTF? Do you seriously think anyone finds this downtempo ambient shit “catchy”?

    This is especially embarrassing considering that there are dozens of truly catchy songs you could’ve picked but left off, like “Rescue, Mister” by Trust, “Love Letters” by Metronomy, “100 Lovers” by Tennis, “Murakami” by Made in Heights, “Stop Playing with My Heart” by Avid Dancer, or literally any song on the new Temples album. For fuck’s sake.

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  • justsayin

    catchy is in the ear of the beholder.

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