Drake featuring Drake: What it Will Take For the OVO Sound Label to Be Successful

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By Charles Holmes

With the release of Nothing Was The Same, Drake proved to be rap’s reigning king. Mr. Aubrey Graham has ascended to the upper echelon of rap royalty and in the process gained the respect of his peers, fans, and the general public. Drake has become one of the most popular hip-hop artists on the planet, selling 658,000 units in his first week, winning a Best Rap Album Grammy for Take Care, and having 12 number one singles under his belt—more than any other rapper. So what more can Drake accomplish?

For Drake to follow the same trajectory as his idols, he needs to prove that he can make stars. Drake has an uncanny ability to recognize talent. He introduced the world to The Weeknd, toured with A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar before they became household names, and popularized the Migos flow before many people knew that “Versace” was anything more than a high-end clothing brand. Like Jay Z with Roc-A-Fella, Kanye with G.O.O.D. Music, and Wayne with Young Money, Drake has to build a stable of artists that can help him solidify his OVO Sound imprint.

Here are the ways Drake can make his OVO Sound label successful in 2014.

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  • http://www.thegirltheycalles.com/ Es Famojure

    this is awesome. really insightful and hopefully Drake catches wind of this article. It’ll help out him and the label a lot.


  • Sdot

    Interesting article, but signing Mase would be an immediate sign of your label being desperate, not smart.

  • Sak

    Very good article, though I have to disagree with the “Kanye clone” comment. I believe that the artists he signs influence his music towards their own music. Great article nonetheless

  • Devin Middleton

    Only thing I disagree with is looking for artist outside of Canada. It seems to be his mission to bring the spotlight to Canadian artist who never get the chance to blow up in the U.S. Not to say he shouldnt diversify eventually, but helping the home team is a good value to build your brand on.
    Also if he wants to sign a vet he needs to get K-Os out of retirement..

  • samabrahams

    I disagree with the notion that Drake must sign artists who pose a threat to his position on the music hierarchy. He merely needs to find artists that are able to cover certain fields in music that he cannot. The reason Jay Z signed Rick Ross and Rihanna and was able to make them successful was because they have the ability to make an imprint on the music scene in a way HOV can’t. That’s how you build an empire, and that’s what Drake can do with OVO.

  • Sir

    pic number 6 about kanye ive been thinking that for a long time. each person he signs sounds like one of his albums

  • senstivethug

    good article. drake is better at cosigning than signing artists. i feel like drake hasn’t signed any artists that challenged him artistically (save for the weeknd). he a better artist than a business man, drake is focused on his career while people like rick ross and lil wayne are more content to build empires and kind of leech of the talent of the artists around them. but if you’re only as good as the people around you drake has some work to do.

  • pojene

    the constant comparisons of pnd to the weeknd are understandable but really shallow pnd is a much different artist than the weeknd and I think has more potential to create club ready hits than the weeknd

  • sensitivethug

    i agree. his album had legs, i just wish it had been promoted more. break from toronto and make a mil were great records that just didn’t break.

  • DON

    One thing u need to understand Drake is DRAKE. incomparable to any artists his or others. Drake is a genre & made his own lane, it’s different. For instance if another rapper did a verse for versace with the same flow it wouldnt be popular but Drake made it becuz of his voice & versatility AND that defines a definition of an artist. There is something about his tone that is genuine & will stuck in your head for life & more importantly he writes his songs cleverly way different from anyone else whether u like or not. There is only ONE Drake & will remain that way till the end. OVO sound artists are different plus with the right songs they will make it…it doesnt matter where u from. if u got IT thats it. The Weeknd made their own decision & will live by it..it aint Drake fault

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com/ Constant Gardner

    hey, thanks! look out for that Pigeon x Owl label and management venture coming soon

  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    I definitely agree with the signing artists that challenge his throne part. Why were Drake and Nicki Minaj successful on Young Money? Because they presented something more than just being a part of a clique as we’ve seen with G-Unit or Disturbing the Peace or the St. Lunatics. Young Money wasn’t about Wayne being the boss and everybody else falling back to make him look good. Drake made it to the point to have his OVO imprint by giving us something more than a clone of his boss.

  • Asia James

    Its way too early in his label’s creation to say he’s not good at signing artist,he has so few and we dont know what or who he has his eye on. Because of that I think some of what this article says, while interesting, is premature.

  • Stefanee

    This is one of my favorite P&P articles in a long time — all very smart ideas! :)

  • LLĂ–deCusHeCool

    hopefully he keeps it all Canadian

  • Cartel

    I agree with the entire list. The idea of signing Ma$e stood out though. It kinda reminds me of Common signing with Kanye. Even though Common is a vet/legend in his own right and ALWAYS had critical acclaim, he didn’t gain commercial success until signing to G.O.O.D. MUSIC…Whether in music/film/television, Common has been commercially relevant and successful ever since…

  • The FunkyFunky Child

    Ok but this is like saying every artist from a place other than ATL/Houston/Chicago/NY/The Bay/ LA/ DC should keep their hometown the focus, thats just not realistic. BUt I agree Hip Hop is the only genre where you have to live in 7-8 Metros to blow up, it keeps for a lot of the same boring sounds. The Toronto sound is nice

  • Guest

    Like I said, Not to say he shouldnt diversify EVENTUALLY, but helping the home team is a good value to build your brand on.

  • Reggie’s Rig

    Ryan Hemsworth is a solid fit for Drake, solid ideas!

  • BMO

    This was awesome, hope for more insightful articles like this

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    Thinking the full version of Break From Toronto will be released for his album

  • roger roger

    p reign isn’t signed to ovo and just because pnd wasn’t big on pnp doesn’t mean he isn’t making noise. bad article.

  • DrakeOVOscam

    There is a Drake OVO record deal scam going on at the moment! http://downloadrapbeats.blogspot.de/2014/02/the-drake-ovo-record-deal-for.html Read this and share it.

  • ElvisHD

    How’s it going my name is Elvis from Jersey go by HD I’m a hip hop artist I’m 25 I’m dominican I’m versatile I’m international I’m the perfect draft pick for OVO I got music if you want to hear a sample of real talent thanks for taking time reading hope to get a reply … Take one listen don’t think twice I’m that diamond that haven’t bin discovered yet …

  • OSPO Black

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