Hear Del the Funky Homosapien’s Surprise Album “Iller Than Most”


2013 was good to Del the Funky Homosapien with new albums from two of his rap collectives, Hieroglyphics and Deltron 3030. And he looks to be in a bit of a groove with a surprise new 11-song solo album Iller Than Most dropped last night on Twitter as a New Year present to his fans. Best part, he’s put the entire self-produced project up for free on SoundCloud describing it as “a new free LP that is futuristic and fun—but still on some hip-hop shit. Lyrically ill but fun to listen to, nothing super heavy.”

Stream Iller Than Most below.

  • Birch


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  • Chucky Anti-Hollywood Rouge

    This was honestly the best way to bring in 2014. Oh my God. There was honestly no better way to bring it in from the way I’m hearing this album. It’s tenacious but in a VERY creative way, with styles and samples that you could wildly declare “untouchable” Honestly, Del does it again. To me, it’s like playing Jet Set Radio Future and never getting bored. EVER. -Robyn Shayde 1/3/2014

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