Watch Kendrick Lamar Freestyle with a Fan after the Grammys


After watching Macklemore lay waste to the competition at the Grammys, Kendrick Lamar and the TDE crew took matters into their own hands with a “fan appreciation show” at the House of Blues.

Kendrick took the opportunity to bring a fan up on stage and trade bars over “Rigamortis.” The guy actually holds his own—Kendrick does well not to embarrass him too much, and the crowd doesn’t boo him off the stage. When you’re freestyling with the king of New York, anything more than that is a respectable showing.

Watch Kendrick and the rest of the Grammy performances here.

  • Marvin Clark

    thas my cuzz follow us @allaccesslifestyle @goodfourtune @stonecoldbreeze

  • papoose

    but he’s not the king of new york..

  • TMCCoast

    That’s just wassup. Youngin need better stage presence though

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