Lapsley – “Station”


Holly Lapsley Fletcher is only 17, but the brilliant, subtle “Station” is incredibly mature and well-rounded, as feather-light vocals intertwine atop a web of warm electronics. As you sit back and listen, you’ll enjoy the sound of two voices—one male, one female—duetting, and maybe wonder who the uncredited man is. But a quick look at Soundcloud reveals something even more impressive, as Lapsley comments:

“dropped the pitch of vocals, no co-vocalist, aint nobody got tym fo dat”

Just wow. Listen to “Station” below, and enjoy to lots more impressive music on Lapsley’s Soundcloud.

  • Jared M.

    very nice.

  • Faded Arrow

    That dual vocal thing is incredible

  • Brandon Cristobal

    some good looking-out-the-window music.

  • Brandon Cristobal

    some good looking-out-the-window music.

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  • CitaB

    Came here looking for the male vocal on “station”…. Dropped the vocal omg smh…its official I’m a fan after 2 songs “painter” got my ear perked “station” vocal hooked me! Love her

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