“I’m a Business, Man”: Artists Turned Music Moguls


By Jon Tanners and Dee Lockett

So you've conquered music. You've released hit singles, sold millions of records, toured the globe twice over, and racked up plenty of accolades along the way.

Now what?

There are plenty of bad ways to spend your spoils and end up a prime candidate for a sad VH1 Behind the Music montage (or whatever the 2014 equivalent of a depressing, fall-from-the-top Behind the Music montage would be). Or you could follow the example of some of music's biggest moguls, artists who parlayed their prowess and financial success in their first field into an array of other lucrative investments. Check out some of music's finest (and richest) moguls.

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  • Devin Middleton

    People don’t realize the deal Jay-Z made with Samsung could eventually make record labels irrelevant. Not many people can go the Kanye or Beyoncé route where they drop albums with barely to no promo and get big numbers first week. Jay set a path in which artist can stay independent, and strike solid business deals with a brand and release their albums that way. That also makes the amount of units sold irrelevant which could make people reassess what success means to an artist and take the power out of the numbers game.

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  • Kendall Walls

    Some of those estimated worth’s are halla surprising

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