Rapper Duos We’d Like to See Make Albums Together


Though rare, collaborative albums between high profile rappers have a bit of a spotty history. For every Watch The Throne and Like Father, Like Son, there is a Best of Both Worlds or a BAYTL—a soaring triumph to an almost abject failure (no, R. Kelly is not a rapper, but he is one of rap's favorite singing sons and BoBW feels, in many ways, like the benchmark for bad blockbuster collaborations in hip-hop). Done right, blockbuster collaborations produce thrilling work because both artists seem to thrive off of one anothers' energy and particular skills, driven to shine by competition and capable of covering up the other's deficiencies where need be.

In the spirit of playing armchair A&Rs with open rolodexes, here's a look at some of the duos we'd like to see record albums together.

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