Rapper Duos We’d Like to See Make Albums Together


Though rare, collaborative albums between high profile rappers have a bit of a spotty history. For every Watch The Throne and Like Father, Like Son, there is a Best of Both Worlds or a BAYTL—a soaring triumph to an almost abject failure (no, R. Kelly is not a rapper, but he is one of rap's favorite singing sons and BoBW feels, in many ways, like the benchmark for bad blockbuster collaborations in hip-hop). Done right, blockbuster collaborations produce thrilling work because both artists seem to thrive off of one anothers' energy and particular skills, driven to shine by competition and capable of covering up the other's deficiencies where need be.

In the spirit of playing armchair A&Rs with open rolodexes, here's a look at some of the duos we'd like to see record albums together.

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  • Name God Brandon

    Yo! We got to do this right we need Jay-Z and Too Short to bring that shit back to Okland! E-40 should hit this shit right as well. #Function #Jigg #Bitch #Gods

  • Crisq

    Earl and Kendrick

    Childish and J cole

    Joey badass and Earl also

    Action and Doom

    I think these pairs would bring the best out of each other

  • Django 2Chainz

    Kendrick & Curren$y would be a DopeAlbum I Think….Ab-Soul & Nas….Dom Kennedy & Nipsey…Big Krit & Spitta or Big Krit & Wiz…Big Krit & Big Boi…Basically Krit & Anybody lol

  • Django 2Chainz

    Also would love 2 See a Bun B & Scarface album….I think that would be extremely Dope

  • Django 2Chainz

    Cole & Krit would be stupendous hahaha

  • Dizzle with an F

    andre 3000 & Frank Ocean

  • jerrycurlz

    Gambino/Kanye Nuff Said

  • Heaven Davis

    well technically its happened before lol

  • buffalobill

    Eminem and Jay-z – “War of the Gods” that would be something between two of the Greatest of all time

  • Alpha

    I respect your opinion, but for someone who confidently spits as whack a line as “i’m callin fernando to move a piano”, i think couldn’t really challenge kendrick. His new album didn’t really push any boundaries in terms of his skill. I found it more of what people expect of him. lets say they truly start a rap beef, and drake grows the balls to reply and it went back-and-forth, i’m pretty sure kendrick would kill

  • Era

    Chance The Rapper & Joey Bada$$

  • Drake D

    Na man, Both Chance and Gambino have such unique styles that complement each other so well. Plus when they are together, nothing is serious. So if the album isn’t groundbreaking in conscious hip hop, it will defenently destroy in lyricism. It would be so laid back that it would make it look easy

  • thib

    DOOMxSWEATSHIRT not bronson lol he’s not that lyrically advanced hed get murked badly… theyd both get killed but earl would hold his own a lil better

  • taoisms

    Kanye is getting darker, it’d be a good fit.

  • PigsAndPlans


  • Juan Ma

    I like the action bronson and Doom. If I was to put someone on this list it would be Run the Jewels & Hail Mary Mallon or Run the Jewels & Felt. Even Felt & Hail Mary.

  • PigsAndPlans

    Drake hate is getting tired. Drake is a good rapper. Put him with Kendrick and he’d step it up. And right now, these two are young and at the top of their game. Not sure how the fuck you could say “nobody wants to see a kendrick and drake album.” If right now, news dropped that a Kendrick and Drake album was going to drop, people would go nuts. If you hate Drake (which I’m assuming is the case because hating Drake is easy), cool, but don’t act like the whole world agrees with you. They don’t.

  • theneedledrap

    drake would do the hooks. No matter how bad you think of him, saying he can’t write great hooks is wrong.

  • theneedledrap

    Kanye and James Blake with Chance handling hooks could be a magnum opus.

  • Bryan

    I dream of an Nas and Em album

  • DD

    Sweatshirt x Joey Bada$$

  • DD

    Very professional dropping F bombs, but i agree. Theyre differences would make a great blend. Like..goat cheese and peaches