Rapper Duos We’d Like to See Make Albums Together


Though rare, collaborative albums between high profile rappers have a bit of a spotty history. For every Watch The Throne and Like Father, Like Son, there is a Best of Both Worlds or a BAYTL—a soaring triumph to an almost abject failure (no, R. Kelly is not a rapper, but he is one of rap's favorite singing sons and BoBW feels, in many ways, like the benchmark for bad blockbuster collaborations in hip-hop). Done right, blockbuster collaborations produce thrilling work because both artists seem to thrive off of one anothers' energy and particular skills, driven to shine by competition and capable of covering up the other's deficiencies where need be.

In the spirit of playing armchair A&Rs with open rolodexes, here's a look at some of the duos we'd like to see record albums together.

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  • Alik

    I told the same few times ago about Death Grips and Kanye !

    Good choice guys

  • Zachary Michael Simmons

    The Game and Cam’ron. Fuck Gucci

  • Piotr Tomaszewski

    PLEASE don’t count Nicki Minaj as a rapper. PLEASE!

  • Liber

    Nobody wants to see a Kendrick and Drake album, lost respect for the article when I read that, makes no sense at all.

  • Gavmatt

    Chance and Childish collaborated on They Don’t Like Me from Royalty, too.

  • Alpha

    Kendrick and drake? Really?
    One of the hardest Compton spitters in the game with one of the softest tv rappers to ever “rap”/”sing”.
    Truly whack. Obvious choice is cole and kendrick

  • DAMNlookatHIM

    That Waka and Gunplay combo would vicious.

  • Chris Woodard

    I’m not the biggest Drake fan, but I always thought it would be cool if he and The Weeknd made an album together.
    We also never got that Kendrick/J. Cole album that they promised, and if Danny Brown makes an album with anybody it needs to be with Ferg

  • tr3yStrikes

    kendrick/jcole, drake/the wknd, kanye/james blake, chance/ab-soul

  • Colonel Cush

    Kendrick and Drake? LOL these dudes or on a whole different side of the hip hop spectrum, one is an over confident short and ugly guy that is able to instill fear and passion through his music, I liken Kendrick to Omar Little in the Wire, a gay man that nobody cared was gay, we respected his game and his character. The second one is a pretty boy light skin nicca who is sensitive and emotional, while making great music for people in this mind state, a weak mind state. They should stay away from each other. I’d love to see a Kendrick Lamar and Nas album and Drake and The Weekend can make a love sound album crying over strippers and niccas who hated on them.

  • Slick Rick

    Marvin’s Room/Buried Alive interlude; one of Kendrick’s best verses.

  • Jermaine Moses

    And Favorite Song off of Acid Rap

  • Jermaine Moses

    Drake can rap. People always seem to overlook/deny this. Everybody wants the Cole and Kendrick album, so that doesn’t even need to be said. A Drake and Kendrick album would be interesting for a lot of reasons. Seeing the ways they could challenge each other creatively, and as far as songwriting and overall track concepts and sound go? Come ON. High musicality and melody in both their work. It’d be interesting.

  • Crunch

    I can see where you’re coming from. But just based on Marvin’s Room/Interlude, I’d wanna hear it for sure

  • Knology

    Death Grips and Kanye Really?? Yeezus is not indicative of Kanye’s artistry, just because that album sounds like some Death Gripsesque shit doesn’t mean he’ll do that again

  • Nick • Eyebone

    Jay Electronica & Jay Electronica

  • MG

    Jay Z and J Cole

  • stan

    Wiz Khalifa and Jae Millz!!

  • D

    A$AP and Schoolboy can’t make a bad song

  • Rapstar

    Awful awful list… DOOM and Bronson??? What the fuck… ok, so DOOM has an album about food, but his rhyme style couldn’t be any more different than Bronson’s

  • agapeo

    A$AP Rocky & ScHoolboy Q, Freddie Gibbs & Jay Rock, Bodega Bamz & A$AP Ferg, & Troy Ave & Vado would also be interesting collab albums to hear

  • jin

    Gucci and Camron album needs to happen

  • jin

    But most of these ideas suck

  • zzZZZzz

    chance the rapper / gambino would probably be the most boring/average album of all time.

  • zzZZZzz

    chance the rapper / gambino would probably be the most boring/average album of all time.

  • zzZZZzz

    gucci mane / travis scott would be cool

  • sandwich

    Blu + FlyLo/captain Murphy
    Domo + Remy
    Chuck Inglish + Asher Roth
    Earl and Mac album would work.
    You basically asked what if outkast made an album like they didn’t make you Aquemini or ATLiens for you.

  • Notoriou$

    Fuck that.. Cole & Kendrick or Cole & KRIT

  • Hyste

    Tyler and Pharrell would be amazing and is very likely to happen. They should of added Clipse and The Neptunes on a joint album too, that would sounds UNREAL.

  • jenkem

    Meechy Darko and Danny Brown. Drug Parade was pretty great, but we need a whole album of funny voice competitions.

  • James

    J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar along with features from everyone mentioned on the “Control” verse.

  • Nick • Eyebone

    The Marvin’s Room interlude is basically a Kendrick Track lol where’s the collab happen?

  • Ben

    Killer mike and ice cube??? Holy fuck that is genius I’ve never thought of that before but god damn. Everyone might as well quit after that

  • Elric

    C-Rayz Walz & Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire.

  • Timothy Mitchell Shadrix

    FREDDIE GIBBS the best rapper alive but black lister cause he speaks his mind and puts all these pussy ass rappers like kanye, eminem, lil wayne, or drake in there place. you don’t know him look him up on youtube got songs like deuces, have you seen her, rob me a nigga, lay it down, one eighty seven, shame, what it be like

  • Emzee Austin

    id love a gambino and isaiah rashad album but in d meantime check out my new video,it takes u on a journey u cnt imagine, called DEMON-STRATE,Am dealing with Demons like Sleep paralysis, Insomnia and anger..if u can relate,do check it out;)p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWCZT6YavaQ

  • Emzee Austin

    u are damn right

  • Emzee Austin

    haha that wud b sick but doubt it will ever b done

  • Kale Kelsey

    Chance and Gambino are classic together

  • larae_is_bored

    Kendrick x J. Cole, not Drake. C’mon now…

  • larae_is_bored

    Add Childish x Chance – Favorite Song (Acid Rap), that was official. Death Grips x Kanye is literally something toooooo good to be true or ever happen. Also schoolboy x rocky? C’mon son, ASAP Q!

  • Harris McCord

    Need a whole album with more songs like Worst Guys & Favorite Song.

  • dj sallinger

    i was just thinking kanye and james blake would be perfect. kanye could just use blake’s voice instead of auto tune

  • dj sallinger

    vic mensa X chance the rapper ft. all of savemoney


    gambino x chance watch the throne

  • krossoverking

    DOOM and Bronson would be dope, if they were like battling, with Bronson as the hero and DOOM as the supervillain.

  • Guest

    Kanye x Lupe x Pharrell.. the CRS album that never came about..
    Kanye x Timbo x Pharrell… whoaa…
    Kanye x Drake…
    Lupe x Kendrick… mixtape tho..
    Asap x Cudi…

  • tr3yStrikes

    Kanye x Lupe x Pharrell.. the CRS album that never came about
    Kanye x Timbo x Pharrell… whoaa…
    Kanye x Drake…
    Lupe x Kendrick… mixtape tho..
    Asap x Cudi…

  • Omagus

    Pharoahe Munch and Gift of Gab. Producers: Chief Xcel, The Alchemist, Headnodic.

  • Carl Bennett

    Too many of these ideas are based off the artists sounding similar to each other rather than the possibility of them actually complimenting each other. I would be interested to see the Tyler/Pharrell & Bronson/Doom collabs though. (And the Ferg/Busta one is just stupid. Really.)

  • Name God Brandon

    Yo! We got to do this right we need Jay-Z and Too Short to bring that shit back to Okland! E-40 should hit this shit right as well. #Function #Jigg #Bitch #Gods

  • Crisq

    Earl and Kendrick

    Childish and J cole

    Joey badass and Earl also

    Action and Doom

    I think these pairs would bring the best out of each other

  • Django 2Chainz

    Kendrick & Curren$y would be a DopeAlbum I Think….Ab-Soul & Nas….Dom Kennedy & Nipsey…Big Krit & Spitta or Big Krit & Wiz…Big Krit & Big Boi…Basically Krit & Anybody lol

  • Django 2Chainz

    Also would love 2 See a Bun B & Scarface album….I think that would be extremely Dope

  • Django 2Chainz

    Cole & Krit would be stupendous hahaha

  • Dizzle with an F

    andre 3000 & Frank Ocean

  • jerrycurlz

    Gambino/Kanye Nuff Said

  • Heaven Davis

    well technically its happened before lol

  • buffalobill

    Eminem and Jay-z – “War of the Gods” that would be something between two of the Greatest of all time

  • Alpha

    I respect your opinion, but for someone who confidently spits as whack a line as “i’m callin fernando to move a piano”, i think couldn’t really challenge kendrick. His new album didn’t really push any boundaries in terms of his skill. I found it more of what people expect of him. lets say they truly start a rap beef, and drake grows the balls to reply and it went back-and-forth, i’m pretty sure kendrick would kill

  • Era

    Chance The Rapper & Joey Bada$$

  • Drake D

    Na man, Both Chance and Gambino have such unique styles that complement each other so well. Plus when they are together, nothing is serious. So if the album isn’t groundbreaking in conscious hip hop, it will defenently destroy in lyricism. It would be so laid back that it would make it look easy

  • thib

    DOOMxSWEATSHIRT not bronson lol he’s not that lyrically advanced hed get murked badly… theyd both get killed but earl would hold his own a lil better

  • taoisms

    Kanye is getting darker, it’d be a good fit.

  • PigsAndPlans


  • Juan Ma

    I like the action bronson and Doom. If I was to put someone on this list it would be Run the Jewels & Hail Mary Mallon or Run the Jewels & Felt. Even Felt & Hail Mary.

  • PigsAndPlans

    Drake hate is getting tired. Drake is a good rapper. Put him with Kendrick and he’d step it up. And right now, these two are young and at the top of their game. Not sure how the fuck you could say “nobody wants to see a kendrick and drake album.” If right now, news dropped that a Kendrick and Drake album was going to drop, people would go nuts. If you hate Drake (which I’m assuming is the case because hating Drake is easy), cool, but don’t act like the whole world agrees with you. They don’t.

  • theneedledrap

    drake would do the hooks. No matter how bad you think of him, saying he can’t write great hooks is wrong.

  • theneedledrap

    Kanye and James Blake with Chance handling hooks could be a magnum opus.

  • Bryan

    I dream of an Nas and Em album

  • DD

    Sweatshirt x Joey Bada$$

  • DD

    Very professional dropping F bombs, but i agree. Theyre differences would make a great blend. Like..goat cheese and peaches

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