Songs To Listen To If You Liked The “Inside Llewyn Davis” Soundtrack


By Huck Kwong

The Coen Brothers latest film, entitled Inside Llewyn Davis, takes us through a week in the life of a struggling solo artist as he navigates the burgeoning Greenwich Village folk scene in the 1960s. To create a worthy musical accompaniment to the film, Joel and Ethan brought in the legendary T Bone Burnett to curate and produce a soundtrack every bit as gorgeous as the film itself. Similarily to the manner in which their O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack shined a powerful spotlight onto the bluegrass and country scene, this one seems to have stirred up similar new interest in folk and acoustic music.

After seeing the film and listening through the soundtrack for a few weeks straight, I decided to put together a playlist of some contemporary folk music that—while not all falling cleanly into the 1960s genre depicted in the film— is undeniably influenced by the poetic lyricism and soulful acoustic instrumentation of the '60s folk scene. Every artist on this playlist is currently active. Enjoy.

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  • Clayton Wilson

    Surprised to not see Glen Hansard mentioned here.

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