Bass For Your Face: 13 Songs Guaranteed To Wake Up Your Parents & Neighbors


With the rise of music curation services like Songza and the looming arrival of Beats Music, it's a boom time for people seeking playlists for various moods, activities, and times. Sometimes you want music to cook to (whether you're actually cooking or a Lil B-level master chef), sometimes you want music to study to, sometimes you need something to accompany a nice summer walk.

Other times...other times you simply need music so diabolically heavy, so deep into the decibels you're not supposed to experience that it obliterates every thought in your brain and rearranges your guts.

If you're a junkie for the hardest-hitting, stomach-reorganizing music around, the following is your story, a quest to find the lowest of low end, no matter the cost. Click next and turn your speakers up to 11...

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