Bass For Your Face: 13 Songs Guaranteed To Wake Up Your Parents & Neighbors


With the rise of music curation services like Songza and the looming arrival of Beats Music, it's a boom time for people seeking playlists for various moods, activities, and times. Sometimes you want music to cook to (whether you're actually cooking or a Lil B-level master chef), sometimes you want music to study to, sometimes you need something to accompany a nice summer walk.

Other times...other times you simply need music so diabolically heavy, so deep into the decibels you're not supposed to experience that it obliterates every thought in your brain and rearranges your guts.

If you're a junkie for the hardest-hitting, stomach-reorganizing music around, the following is your story, a quest to find the lowest of low end, no matter the cost. Click next and turn your speakers up to 11...

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  • gibran

    i didn’t check but swing my door by gucci better be on here

  • Jon Tanners

    UGH such a good one. Had you checked, you’d be disappointed that it’s not. Partial oversight, but also I’ve always worried that listening to “Swing My Door” too loudly would end up opening a portal to the hell dimension from the Event Horizon and then I’d be stuck in a movie with Laurence Fishburne in 1997 and I don’t really want that. No one does.

  • zilla

    Those gifs tho!

  • zilla

    gucci mane – candy lady also a bass killer

  • Z

    hah you fools have shown your ignorance in the world of bass music with this…

  • Jon Tanners

    What is this “bass music” you speak of?

  • Jon Tanners

    Gucci got that bass

  • Scott Bryson

    Don’t give up the day job tryna be a DJ…

  • Ya boy

    lowkey James Blake Limit to Your Love

  • Jared M.

    lmfao wow so true.

  • Jared M.

    good job including “Again” on here, semi-love Drilluminati 2. That and Free Crack by Lil Bibby

  • patt

    hottest in da hood? hard in the pain? a milli?

  • patt

    i fuck with that- gucci mane

  • RudeBoy

    They should have chosen RL Grime-Satisfaction remix

  • Alex Dreyer

    He must be referring to Uncle Luke

  • meagan

    This is such a sick list. Thanks bro.

  • J2

    IDC if they’re good bass tracks, the descriptions are HILLARIOUS!!!

  • gamooey

    Guys… Come on! Numbernin6 – Where’s the drop.

  • gamooey

    I agree on this one

  • Mr.FancyPansy

    Darude – Sandstorm

  • leo

    you should DEFINETLY ADD Nicki minaj – pills n potions It doesnt have loud bass but it SUR has LLLLOOOOOOWWWWW bass!

  • slow it down

    not to impressed

  • slow it down

    i lied, i didnt peep oq bobby johnson, and shit……but i already have those