10 Things 2 Chainz Doesn’t Understand


2 Chainz is a man of many talents. Between cooking, fashion, and even giving solid advice, the rapper has shown that his range of knowledge and expertise extends beyond music. But despite this, it's clear from some of his lyrics that there are still some concepts that 2 Chainz just does not get. It's not for a lack of trying though. So often he's this close to nailing it but then his idea just gets completely away from him and he's like, "Fuck it, I'm just gonna say I'm gonna sue an airplane. Who cares, I'm 2 Chainz." So, from Netflix to testicular cancer, here are just a handful of things 2 Chainz is struggling to understand.


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  • Trav

    This was actually pretty funny

  • Jimihen Rick$


  • prutt


  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    I think all this proves is that 2 Chainz is some kind of super-human.

  • PigsAndPlans


  • Curser/Woopsie Guy

    I’m bout to go fuck a bitch in her eyelashes right now

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaytwo Jay Two

    You got half of these wrong because you don’t understand what the fuck 2 Chainz CAN and cannot do. You never had supper for breakfast or vice-versa? Keep diggin. Imma start calling this site COMPLEX and Planes because you guys dig for stories just like them….

  • Deepinthajeep

    In the south some folks call lunch, “supper.” So he’s not all the way f*cked up w/ that one. Chill

  • Jimihen Rick$


  • DoObi3

    clearly common sense is not so common

  • benny froobs

    this article was even worse than 2chainz shitty bars
    i cant believe i wasted my time reading 5 pages of this dirge

  • Tony Markovich


  • benny froobs

    captain obvious over here want a fucking medal m8

  • 2T

    where does he imply the lobster soup cures him? I like to check on this site once a week but this post is just trash, not even a bit funny

  • jordyhammel

    I think the testicular cancer in the brain was pretty good. Considering he was talking about someone he referred to as a “dickhead” that’s thinking outside the box and whoever made this is just jealous. What about in spend it? Probably his dumbest lyric ever was that he put gas in all the ashtrays Haha. Didn’t see that one up there.

  • @Mickey Knox

    Gas in the ashtrays made more since then these. He meant he left kush the ashtrays…

  • Julian Pinto

    Wait you’re joking right?

  • Julian Pinto

    I got he flu I NEED lobster middle soup. Pat the hell attention

  • bigpoochie

    The author doesn’t understand that 2 Chainz is using wordplay.

  • 2chanizMD

    Technically testicular cancer can and often does metastasize to the brain. I’m sure that 2 Chainz knew this when he wrote those lyrics.

  • ProfessorSinister

    YEAH! 2 chainz can totally give someone testicular brain cancer!

  • http://bringittoyourfrontdoor.com YoungFlyTr3

    A “Bird” or a “Chicken” is a drug reference. I don’t he could make chicken noodle soup with it

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