Watch a 19-Year-Old Tupac Confront a Bootlegger For Selling His Music

With the ubiquitous nature of online music sharing nowadays, it almost seems as if the majority of artists have either given up or given into music downloading. In no way is this necessarily a bad thing, as such things like free mixtapes are essentially a product of the times, but this video of Tupac from 1991, recently unearthed by a Redditor, will remind you exactly how frustrating it was at one point for artists to see their music being illegally sold on the streets. A 19-year-old Pac, very straight-forward and determined, confronts the owner of a newsstand, who was doing exactly that.

While there are still a number of copyright issues in the industry, something like this—such direct confrontation between an artist and a very small business—almost never goes down anymore, making this video not only interesting, but also somewhat nostalgic to watch. Check out the clip above.