Watch Footage from 1998 of Kanye West Freestyling


In 2014, there are countless album release strategies to go by, even the most seemingly farfetched could work. But one guaranteed way to get the peoples’ attention: drop never-before-seen vintage video of a young Kanye West rapping. That’s exactly what Chicago-Atlanta rapper Cap-1, known for his 2 Chainz features, did in the trailer for his upcoming Caviar Dreams mixtape, sneakily inserting footage from 1998 filmed in Chicago of a fresh-faced Kanye West back when he was still on the come-up.

He arrives around the 33-second mark to spit lines like “Keep the game / as long as I keep the fame and keep my name / Kanye to the, uh, West.”

Aside from old-school Kanye, the best part of this video has to be the DIY stage with a gold backdrop the rappers assembled in someone’s basement. Gotta wonder if 2014 Kanye would approve of that home decor.

Watch the video above.


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