10 Dance Music Producers Who Used to Rock


By Briana Cheng

People often deride electronic/dance music producers for being less talented than "real" musicians (as if anyone has the right to define such a thing). Such people claim that producers have no skill with actual instruments, and that their computer-based work could be done by anyone with a bit of training. Quite apart from the fact that that is patently untrue, many of today's popular electronic and dance music producers do actually have backgrounds playing in bands

From those who left their metal bands to become dubstep stars to those who quit indie rock for no frills club music, here are 10 producers who used to rock.

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  • Bucky Henry

    cash cash

  • dexter

    how do you fail to mention that daft punks name came from a music review saying darlin sounded like “daft punk”

  • chaz

    Has anyone heard DJ Cassidy’s new track? It’s really dope. Definitely making a name for himself! http://smarturl.it/DJCassidyMakingOf

  • http://soundcloud.com/isaaccavallaro Isaac Cavallaro

    Thanks for this! It’s great to see you spreading the message of respect to producers and electronic artist. Regardless of their past including previous bands or not, production is a challenging art and anyone successful at it has worked hard.

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