The Best Young Thug Songs That Aren’t “Stoner” or “Danny Glover”


By Charles Holmes

For a while it seemed like Young Thug might never break through. Thug had built considerable buzz in Atlanta as an affiliate of Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad movement and through the release of his solid I Came from Nothing series, but it wasn’t until 1017 Thug that the buzz started to snowball.

1017 Thug appeared on numerous year-end lists, garnered critical acclaim, and flooded the blogosphere, but Thug’s status still paled in comparison to Atlanta compatriots like Migos and Que. With the release of “Danny Glover” and “Stoner,” things are starting to change.

Both Drake and Kanye (who's been making music with Thug) have been seen dancing to “Danny Glover,” and Nicki Minaj blessed the song with a verse for an official remix. Rappers like Wale and Jim Jones have taken their turn on “Stoner,” and Danny Brown called Young Thug his favorite rapper. Young Thug is staking his claim early in 2014, but many newcomers will be surprised to dig into his past work and realize that Thug has been making quality music for years.

With that in mind, here are the best Young Thug songs that aren't "Stoner" or "Danny Glover."

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  • French Montana’s Monkey

    You keep hyping this dude but this music is straight fufu shit … Nothing you wrote reflects from this niggas music …

  • david drake

    Where’s “Foreign”?? List invalidated.

  • PigsAndPlans

    Yo I saw you on Complex TV the other day wearing a P&P shirt.

  • david drake

    That was a PNP shirt?? I thought it was the new Hawks logo

  • marc heilbrunn

    you’re a bitch

  • marc heilbrunn


  • RBS

    I always wonder if people like you think you’ll actually change writers’ opinions about the shit… Like, just don’t listen if you don’t like it.

  • zilla

    I literally was just thinking… I wonder if there is an article about other good Young Thug songs other than Danny Glover and Stoner, but other mixtape tracks I heard were just aight. Pigeons and Planes you read my mind!

  • RBS

    This is great, yet a fail at the same time because “Some More” isn’t on here… Possibly Thugger’s best song.

  • French Montana’s Monkey

    I listened to every single track on this list and it’s straight garbage …

  • French Montana’s Monkey

    No but your mom is for giving birth to a son with syndrom of down syndrome who eats mosty junkfood PS: Suck my big hard dick after your GF is finished with it … Bitch

  • King Flashy TheFirst

    No love for Nigeria. Wasn’t that his first big hit?

  • Gauge

    Are you guys going to be printing some new shirts? I always wanted to get one but didn’t try to pull the trigger until you stopped making them.

  • tay


  • Confusion

    Yeah, we are. For now, we have some extras. Email me your address/size and I’ll send you one.

  • no nigeria tho?

    how did you not put Nigeria on here????

  • aight yo

    but French Montana is the truth tho?

  • French Montana’s Monkey

    I’m just his monkey, I don’t listen to his tracks …

  • x97sfinest

    Picacho is the best song of all time

  • Camo Woods

    BLanguage is now his greatest song ever.

  • Cosmo

    Picachhooooo! I can’t believe yall niggas didn’t put hookah ft tyga, baby ft trae tha truth and life$tyle ft rich homie quan i mean no disrespect but listenin to your songs it seems like thugger is makin only trap club bangers songz but he sounds way better on hiphop songz

  • Thugga thugga

    Where is thinkin out loud?

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