Drake Calls Macklemore’s Post-Grammys Text to Kendrick Lamar “Wack as F*ck”


Probably the only thing more controversial than Macklemore sweeping the Grammys rap category last month was the apologetic text he sent to Kendrick Lamar after the show and then shared on Instagram. While many viewed it as a nice gesture, others criticized his decision to make the conversation public. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, Drake bluntly calls the text “wack as fuck.” Drake, who also lost to Macklmore in three rap categories at the Grammys, holds nothing back saying the text came off as “cheap” and disingenuous. He also felt he along with the other nominees were owed a text too, saying:

“To name just Kendrick? That shit made me feel funny. No, in that case, you robbed everybody. We all need text messages!”

A Drake vs. Macklemore rap beef? Just imagine. Read his full candid statements on Rolling Stone.


(Rolling Stone)

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    wack indeed

  • Maxsur

    Hahahahaha Drake mad he didn’t get a text. Will you do a segment of “things drake texted Macklemore”??

  • greg

    i think macklemore’s making it public was really really awkward, but the reality is that good kid maad city was the darling of hip hop in general this year. And Drake may feel that his album was in the running, but kendrick outdid him.
    Real nigga wassup?
    I dunno Drake, I’ll tell you when I see one.

  • taylor

    Whats wack is that Drake thinks he deserves a text too.

  • Joyce Ng

    Haha maybe.

  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    Im with Drake on this one

  • Jobi

    Seriously, i love Drake’s music, i really feel like he’s one of the best out, but he’s such a whiny bitch. If Mack texted only Kendrick, it’s because Mack felt like Kendrick had the best LP, not himself, Drake,Kanye nor Jay. And now Drake’s upset like a fucking schoolgirl because he didn’t get a text ? Nah, man, away with that petty shit. He and Wale should record a song together.

  • CesR

    no new texts

  • Aaron

    Macklemore didn’t send a text to everyone in the nomination group because he felt that K Dot deserved it. Not Drake or anyone else, thats why he singled Kendrick out. Drakes a pussy

  • JayThibs

    HAHAHAHAHA. Wow, as much as I liked Nothing Was The Same… come on Drake. You really aren’t helping your ‘soft’ image with this.

  • j_cuso20

    Drake he didn’t send you a text cause you’re wack as fuck

  • Obrie_Knows

    Dude your really gay for liking Drake or just wack albums in general. You didn’t buy that shit did you? Because then i would have to reconsider even leaving a comment.

  • Obrie_Knows

    Where is Drake “out” exactly? You tell me I honestly don’t know. Is it… Never Never Land? Cuz I Never Listen to Wack “Rappers?”

  • Obrie_Knows

    You mean on Drake

  • Obrie_Knows

    Probably right. Drake needs to mind his business. Supposedly he’s in a lane to himself right. Sit down and keep on waiting, holding on m*th*rf*ck*r

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