What People Were Saying About Eminem 15 Years Ago


By S. Ajay Ram

15 years ago, the world was introduced to a new villain—or hero, depending on who you ask. It was February 23, 1999, and it was the day Eminem released The Slim Shady LP. From the beginning, it was obvious that the world would have a complicated relationship with this white rapper from Detroit. Now we've had 15 years of getting to know and understand the man behind some of the most controversial music that the mainstream has ever dealt with. And the relationship is still pretty complicated.

These days, you can't dismiss Eminem as a gimmick. You just can't. Even if you're not convinced by his technical skills or songwriting ability, you can't argue with the fact that by many measures, he's the most successful rapper of all time, and his impact on hip-hop has been profound. But back in 1999, when The Slim Shady LP just dropped and people were hearing this young rapper for the first time, the reactions were very mixed. Here's what people were saying about Eminem when he first arrived on the scene.

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