What if Kanye West Had Signed To Cash Money Records in 2003?


The College Dropout was Kanye West's transition from hit producer to hip-hop artist, but looking back, it's clear that it was a shift for hip-hop itself. With his debut album, Kanye opened up his own lane and set things in motion for a new wave of hip-hop that we're still seeing evolve. Today, on the 10th anniversary of The College Dropout, it's easy to appreciate just how important that album was. But things almost played out differently.

According to Mannie Fresh in an interview with Vlad TV, back in the day—before The College Dropout or the deal with Roc-A-Fella—Kanye West visited Cash Money Records looking to get signed. That never happened, but it makes you wonder, “What if…?”

Here's what might have happened if Kanye had signed with Cash Money Records back in 2003.

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