Music Recommendations Based on the Artists You Already Like (February 2014)


It's 2014, and human beings are still trying to figure out how to automate music discovery. Trends come and go, new services pop up and disappear, and a music discovery app is created, marketed, and killed off every few days. The thing is, no algorithm, social networking service, or customizable radio station has been able to really nail it. There's still nothing quite as effective as a friend saying, "You like so-and-so? Check this out."

Today, we are that friend. Here are some recommendations that your new custom radio station/music recommendation robot won't be able to give you.

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  • Lemonymelon

    “But he’s a teenager, he’s from New Zealand, and shit, it’s not hard to imagine Lorde singing a song like “Midas.”” – The important difference between using a comma and using a full stop.

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