“Nobody cares if I live or die”: Danny Brown Speaks on Quitting Drugs, Depression, and Fakeness in Rap


Earlier today, Danny Brown took to Twitter to share some personal thoughts on his life at the moment, and unfortunately it seems like the Detroit rapper is in a pretty dark place. Brown shared the fact that he had quit drugs for the sake of his health, but that he now feels worse and is sinking “deeper into depression.” He went on to highlight the “fake rap shit” he’s experienced, especially regarding rappers who are supposed to be his friends but “wouldn’t come to his funeral.”

Click through the gallery above to see all of the Tweets. Our best wishes go out to Danny at this difficult time.

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    honestly, i never was a fan of danny brown, i have gave some of his tracks/features a listen and have seen interviews, though i admit he has unique style, it just wasn’t my forte; the fact kitty pryde loved him and not me, could’ve had a little something to do with it. as a person, i respect him for sharing his emotion, especially in a facade-filled world (not only the entertainment industry).

  • Devin Middleton

    Ima fan of Danny but his issue with Big Sean is ridiculous.

  • Bea

    To Danny Brown

    People may leave you hanging in the air but GOD won’t.
    He will never leave us nor forsake us, He is always there for us specially when we need it the most. Know Him and accept Him, our LORD JESUS CHRIST, as your LORD and Personal Savior. He Love Us all. Take Care and GOD BLESS.

    Hope you overcome your depression.:)

  • dgl


  • Moses

    Bea, I think the Lord left Danny Brown long ago.

  • http://twitter.com/troybrowntv TroyBrownTV

    Did Drake hack his twitter or…??

  • Bea

    No! The LORD is always there for us and He really Love’s us, it will never change. Even how big our sins are, the LORD is always ready to forgive us from our sins.

    We are the ones who are going astray from Him! We just need to admit that we have sinned, ask for forgiveness from the LORD, and repent from our sins, with the help of the LORD, and surrender our lives fully to Him. We must live in accord to His will.

    Love and Peace. :)

  • Alex

    To be honest i always thaught that danny was a smart guy, i liked him better in a serious interview than in a goofy sketch

  • ssc

    Drugs magnify the highs and lows. He’ll be alright. At least he’s talking about it instead of holding all them feelings inside. Suppressed emotions are the dangerous ones.

  • disqus_D2zP4p2LEr

    mayn, when ur a relatively big name in hip hop and peeps are showing u love and collabing with u and all that… but u still don’t have nobody to cry to. damn that shit is sad, yo i dont wanna c ur dirty laundry bra but i’d talk it out w/ u danny im a fan, bump old all day

    edit: danny brown im sure other artist stress too, everyone’s tryna make work look effortless tho

  • Dev

    Respect to Donald Glover though for hitting the nigga up.

  • RICOG71

    Nobody finds it strange that this “dude” don’t have a adams apple?

  • GC

    Welcome to life, now quitcher bitchin bc frankly nobody wants to hear the crying. There are people with bigger problems than yours. All these tweets to get attention. Aint nobody gonna come pop rub your back and change your diaper son. Guys these days are just SOFT man…

  • StraightG

    It’s the internet. But not everything gotta be a joke B.

  • ‘Merica

    Hope this african american decides to straighten up and fly right!

    I cant stand a lazy, no good, druggie. How would anyone have any respect for some guy who raps (talks) all day for a paycheck and then spends it on drugs? I dont get it, at least when Hank Williams or Johnny Cash sang, they actually sang instead of just talked and forgot to pull up their pants.

    This whiney guy is everything that is wrong with the self entitled kids these days. I say ship em off to the steamy jungles of Vietnam, or the hot sands of Iraq and make a man out of these whining druggies.

  • ‘Merica

    What he should be doing is getting a real job! Musicians are a worthless bunch over all, but this guy doesnt sing, dance, or even play an insturment he raps (talks) anyone can do that!

    This guy thinks he has something to say, but doesnt even have a college education. No one wants to hear some druggie with no education talk. If I wanted to do that, I would go to some inner city and listen to a bum ramble on.

  • jayTEE

    it’s normal to be depressed after twerkin out your brain and endocrine system with artificial happiness, or as i call it, the dark light of false love.

    hang in there it can only get better…


    Seek Ibogaine therapy! They do it in Baja Mexico, it will cure drug addictions and depression.

  • Optimus

    ^ You must be so proud, ‘Merica. Let’s hear you spit a rap. “Anyone can do that”, after all. Go ahead, record something and post it, let’s have a listen. I know that you won’t; the ridicule you would no doubt endure would be too much for your fragile ego to handle.

    Also, your grammar insinuates that you’re a little lacking in the education department yourself. Maybe go back and review some of that third grade punctuation before you try to flame someone for being “uneducated”.

  • tom

    Keep goin danny. I believe in you and I hope you make it out of that darkness. Believe in yourself and stay positive, I personally know it’s hard, but you can do it and it’s worth it and I know I’m just a fan but I’m very proud of you and I hope to see good things from you. I’m a little late to the party but whatever. Wherever you are at in your journey now, just keep going. Do you.fuck the fans, fuck the media, fuck the music even. Just do you, for you, and keep doing what you love. Good luck. Peace.

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    Gr8 b8 m8

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