Famous Rap Album Covers Reimagined With Lorde’s Hair


If we really have to explain this one to you with some introduction about why we did it, maybe you’re on the wrong website. Why wouldn’t we Photoshop Lorde’s hair into famous rap album covers? The only real question you should be asking is why we didn’t do this sooner, or why someone else hasn’t already done it. Lorde’s wonderful mane in the context of famous rap covers is a glorious thing. See for yourself:

  • Byahbyah

    I see the photoshop skills have improved. That snoop dogg one fits too good

  • Andrew Blank

    Not an album cover, but no changes necessary


    What’s the big deal with Lorde’s hair?

  • DC

    These aren’t even done well.

  • Jeff Nelson

    Oh wow someone got paid for this.

  • PigsAndPlans

    idk its just kinda a big deal

  • PigsAndPlans

    yea ok let’s see your rap album covers with lorde hair photoshops

  • matt

    Hahaha the Wiz and Jay Z ones are on point

  • Apache718


  • http://twitter.com/troybrowntv TroyBrownTV

    The DoggFather album sorta look believable. That could just be Snoop

  • Rodney Ellis

    Jay Z Ferg And 50 are Hilarious!!

  • Rodney Ellis

    And We’re Gonna Be Royal… RooooooYYALLLL. That Chick

  • Khoko

    That Jay-Z one tho…

  • incarno

    that fucking Madvillian shop

  • williamsdv1017

    We’ll never be royals* ;). Also, Love Club is a fire ass EP. The titel track is ill.

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