Road To Total Slaughter: The Rappers Starring in Slaughterhouse’s Upcoming Reality Show


Shady Records’ Slaughterhouse has announced Road To Total Slaughter, a web-based reality show that puts eight of the most acclaimed battle rappers in a home as they partake in a battle rap tournament. Slaughterhouse members Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and, Royce Da 5’9, skilled emcees in their own right, are the show’s producers and judges.

Dizaster, Math Hoffa, Daylyt, Marv Won, Big T, Arsonal, T-Rex, and Aye Verb have been selected as the eight emcees that will face off in this tournament. Here's a look into the battle rappers participating in Road to Total Slaughter, and why this could potentially be an extremely entertaining ride through the battle rap world.

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  • TroyBrownTV

    This battle is like rock paper scissors. Everybody has somebody in this tournament who can take advantage of their weaknesses. I think the only thing the tourey is missing is somebody who just attacks relentlessly. That could be Dizaster, but he has a tendency to let up on his opponents and that can be taken advantage of. This tournament needs an Illmaculate or a Pat Stay

  • G14

    Must C TV

  • myian barnes

    Most of these guys have battled before. Beyond that the rematches will likely be watered down versions of the originals. That being said Advantage Rex,.

  • myian barnes

    Stay, meh maybe, but Ilmmaculate would be bodied….Ars did him the worst. What’s missing is DNA, Hollow, or Clips. Charron is a dope freestyler, but he would get punked all over the place outside of the battles, not enough personality. Stay would be good there but he doesn’t always show up(Thesaurus, Arcane).

  • Chronic

    No DNA…?

  • breakerbreaker19

    Disaster just needs to go mainstream already this show is the perfect platform for him to go platinum.

  • Pirex

    How Daylyt make it up there? He didn’t earn it.

  • Sims

    Web based? I thought this was on MTV? Smack tried to put you fuck boys on BET and you wouldn’t do it for him but you turn around and do a Web based tournament for Slaughter House? If I was Smack I would wash my hands with most you dudes enough is enough…

  • dalbalgbusc

    hollow will be going against joe buddens on the main event

  • GalloFino

    Dizaster vs Hollow Da Don would be a classic freestyle of the dome

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