Things Radiohead Predicted Over a Decade Ago


By Brian Josephs

Radiohead was always ahead of their time. The band showed strong potential with Pablo Honey and The Bends, but they tore the figurative walls down on everything with the legendary OK Computer in 1997. Before every other band was doing it, Radiohead was making electronically manipulated soundscapes with paranoid lyrics, dark undertones, and rich textures.

The futurism wasn't just musical though. With OK Computer and Kid A, Radiohead foretold the digitally consumed 21st century's feelings of angst, malaise, and isolation. Reading their lyrics today, it seems as if Thom Yorke and company knew what things were going to be like over a decade later. The band changed rock and become one of the most influential acts of the past couple of decades, but in the process they also managed to predict the future.

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