The Biggest Album to Album Changes in Music History


By Adrienne Black

"I want the old Kanye West back!"

We heard it just last year when Yeezus divided the hip-hop community with its abrasive electronic production and obscene lyrics, and we heard it in 2008 when Kanye abandoned rap for 808s & Heartbreak, an album full of auto-tuned pop.

Most artists, especially those who are active for many years, slowly evolve over time, incorporating new techniques and ideas, and being shaped by their life experiences and increasing age and maturity over numerous albums. Sometimes, however, the change in style is sudden and dramatic, with consecutive albums exhibiting wildly different sounds.

Kanye's artistic changes of direction are some of the most extreme, but across genres and throughout history, there have been many surprising switch-ups. Here are 15 of the biggest album to album changes in music history.

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