Words That Rappers Never Use


The graph above shows how frequently the words "money," "cars," and "tickle" appear in rap songs. As you can see, the word "money" has gotten more popular since the '90s. The word "cars" is comparatively low but staying steady. The line for how frequently the word "tickle" gets used in rap, however, sits at the bottom of the chart, blending in with the line indicating zero. Basically, rappers don't use the word tickle.

The idea for this post was sparked by Lil Wayne's recent verse on YG's "My N***a" remix. Wayne says, "I be laughin' to the bank like the fuckin' money tickle." It was so odd to hear the word "tickle" in a rap song that we decided to use Rap Genius for an investigation into other words that rappers almost never use, and some examples of when they pop up. Have a look.

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