15 Great Irish Bands (That Aren’t U2)


By Colin Joyce

In the midst of all your St. Patrick’s day boozing, it might be appropriate to consider the heritage of the country that spawned the alcoholiday, outside of the spate of ill-advised “kiss me I’m Irish shirts” and questionable Lucky Charms-esque caricatures. Maybe, look to the musical contributions the isle has to offer.

While their most celebrated musical form is an easily identifiable trad-folk blend offered up by the likes of Ronnie Drew and his Dubliners (as well as a spate of punk bands that draw on those folky sonics), a fair amount of boundary pushing music has also sprung from Ireland. Musical penning alt-rock godheads U2 aside, Ireland has come out with a spate of diverse music over the course of the last 40 years, so here’s a St. Patrick's Day celebration of a few of the best ones.

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