The Most Annoying Contrarian Opinions of Music Critics


Criticism is an essential part of any art form. Not only does it keep artists honest and hold them accountable for their work, it also allows the public to analyze and dissect these works with the help of an established and well-trained critical voice. Ideally, anyway. Unfortunately, in some cases, these notions don't always hold true. Sometimes, criticism is done in by its own writers, either due to snobbery or pointless contrarianism.

As we saw on Twitter yesterday with #unpopularmusicopinion, there are people in the world who just love to stoke the flames of an argument. There are people who love to get into it with others simply for the sake of annoying everyone else. If you sense you're in a conversation with an individual like this, here are some of the telltale signs that you should be on the lookout for.

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  • Frank

    I have definetly been a contrarian in musical conversations before. That was before I just listened. Contrarian are usually people who don’t listen and are sometimes stubborn.

  • shampow212

    why you gotta rag on dave grohl? that first foo fighters album is amazing. sure he probably shouldn’t play the guitar, but the dude’s a stud on drums. he was a key part in the songs for the deaf album by QOTSA, which is probably one of the best rock’n’roll albums ever

  • truth


  • truth

    Le1f’s issues with Macklemore were pretty much bullshit tho

  • Gus Turner

    I said that he’s a technically skilled musician and has played a big part in shaping rock music for the past decade. Is that really considered ragging on him?

  • shampow212

    all i’m saying is the guy catches a lot of grief just for his association with nirvana, especially since he’s not a founding member. it’s not like he’s out there taking all the credit for nirvana’s music and he made a name for himself by doing his own thing with foo fighters, tcv, qotsa, etc. usually when people think nirvana, they automatically think of kurt cobain not dave grohl

  • Gus Turner

    totally understand what you’re saying. I was just using him as a possible example. I wasn’t really trying to rag on him or praise him one way or another, i just thought he’d be a good hypothetical. maybe a better, more realistic idea would’ve been to bring up George Harrison or Ringo Starr or something.

  • fdssfdfdf

    Rapping really isn’t Kanye’s strong point. That’s why people say that – it’s not contrarianism.

  • YeDaTruth

    I disagree. Ether was mostly ugly and gay jokes. jay stuck to the facts more. But to each his own.

  • G14

    Contrarian is the lamest word

  • sdfghjkl;

    Kanye = Most dick rode artist to date, he is one dimensional as fuck.

  • Carlo

    its not only the rapping. its the lyricism, the production, the flow and all the other things that make an artist who he or she is. I agree Kanye’s strong suit isn’t his rapping, but there is more to kanye than just the way he raps

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    i’m not going to deny that pavement has made some great records. But that was never my thing. I had listened to them and not really cared too much until i heard malkmus self titled record, which i love. I get why people love pavement, but it was never for me.

  • Jeff Nelson

    “Name your favorite rock band today, and it’s likely that you can trace them back to The Beatles in some way.”

    You meant to say The Rolling Stones but you’re a jerk off so you didn’t.

  • x97sfinest

    I liked Idlewild

  • I don’t really like turtles

    I’m Flippin out, jumping off the walls and banging my head when I fall. Rolling around on the floor like Shameek from 212. Metaphorically speaking of course. Anyway….

  • RBS

    How did Nas “clearly” win the battle with Ether? Nas gave Jay all childish jabs with no actual facts. Jay killed Nas with all truthful statements. And people always fail to mention how Jay gave him work on “Blueprint 2″… Kill.

  • squatty

    this blog is defending their shitty taste

  • jermaincolebigkritwale

    insanely random but why does this website exist? Why can’t it just be Complex

  • darren

    lol smh

  • Blake Robertus

    One solo thing I won’t budge on is Brian Wilson’s version of SMiLE. The rescued Beach Boys version just doesn’t need to exist next to that masterpiece. Otherwise yeah.

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