Antwon ft. Lil’ Ugly Mane – “Rain Song”


Image via Grandstand Media & Management

Image via Grandstand Media & Management

Antwon has found himself in a lane with very few competitors, operating in a pretty singular sound. Producing music that barely straddles the line of hip-hop, his songs take great influence from both ’80s goth pop and gaudy ’90s R&B. His latest track, the Shawn Kemp-produced (aka Lil’ Ugly Mane) “Rain Song” showcases his typically melancholy lyricism, resulting in a luscious and lugubrious wash of atmosphere.  “Rain Song” is the first single off his upcoming album, Heavy Hearted In Doldrums, which will be released for free on May 6.

Listen to “Rain Song” below.

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