Arrests, Injuries Prompt Miami Mayor to Call For a Ban of Ultra Music Festival


Image via Your EDM

Image via Your EDM

Anyone here attend Ultra Music Festival this past weekend? If you did, then you may have been a part of its last hurrah. Arrest and injury figures have now emerged from the EDM festival that took place from March 28-30, and city officials aren’t happy about them.

The event tallied 76 total arrests, 28 of which are considered felonies, while 118 other concert-goers had to be treated by paramedics. Additionally, a security guard, Erica Mack—who was trampled by a mob of people after they broke through a fence—remains in critical condition.

After all the mayhem, Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado said Ultra’s organizers, “acted irresponsibly,” while City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff remarked, “I think they have overstayed their welcome.”

Last year, Sarnoff made a successful bid to cut Ultra down to one weekend, instead of its two-weekend format. In the coming weeks, he and Relgalado will be submitting a resolution to ban it altogether. Given what took place this past weekend, it’s hard to argue with their efforts.

(Consequence of Sound)

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