Contest: Win Kanye West’s “808s & Heartbreak” Collector’s Edition Vinyl Pack

Kanye West fans and vinyl enthusiasts: this is the contest of your dreams. Universal’s Respect the Classics campaign has been running since September 2013, re-issuing classic hip hop records back on vinyl that have been out of print for years. But that’s not all: they’re being released with special packaging, picture discs, colored discs, and other awesome additions.

In collaboration with Universal’s Respect the Classics campaign, P&P will be giving away the beautiful 2LP/CD reissue of Kanye West’s stylistic left-turn, the classic 808s & Heartbreak to two (2) readers. See how you can win below:

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3. Let us know in the comments section below why you deserve to win this awesome record. The more creative the answer, the better chance you have of winning. GIFs are always encouraged.

Good luck! Competition ends March 26.

You can see which records have been re-issued and which are on the way on the Respect The Classics website here.

UPDATE: The competition is now closed. Winners will be announced shortly and contacted by email. Thanks everyone for your amazing, fun answers!

Winners have now been chosen. Thanks for entering, and we’ve got lots more vinyl giveaways on the way!

  • RobotNinja45

    I think I deserve to win this because Kanye is my all-time favorite artist. I first heard him in the fourth grade and have not stop listening since. I have every single album he has dropped. 19 of my top 25 most played songs on my iTunes are Kanye and Homecoming has 1,000+ plays. Also, why not?

  • Taj N

    So in grade 4 I was over at my uncles house, and we were listening to the radio. It was a pop music station, and the station was having a contest and whoever the 89th person to call in would win a signed CD of the artist and tickets. For the life of me I cant remember who the artist was. But the one thing I do remember was that I asked my uncle “Why do people Love music so much?” At the time it was a mystery to me. I was too used to just playing video games, and watching movies, what made music so great ? That was until 6th grade where I was introduced to Hip hop. The genre was just so EXPRESSIVE, and freeing from the painted picture of life that were all taught to see. people had a voice and were shouting at the top of their lungs. Artists such as Eminem and Kanye West were introduced into my life and it changed me forever. Kanye west Graduation was my favorite album of all time, I listened to it so much that I could (AND STILL CAN) sing each song word for word. Although I realize other peoples opinions are different on which of his albums are the best, Graduation will always be number one in my heart. Kanye’s first three albums were filled with so much heart and spirit and really lifted me from low times. The amount of passion and dedication on these albums are incredibly genuine and really connected to me as a kid, and young adult as of now. Each one of his albums are on my phone and one of his songs are guaranteed listened to daily. He is such an amazing artist and a real risk taker, with 808’s being such a leap from what we were used to. Yet it just shows how much fan base he has being able to come out so successful and be backed up by everybody. It is a fantastic album, Defeanitly one of his best! I cant say my favorite, I have to be honest. That’ll always be Graduation, But it holds an important place alongside me.

  • Ian_VA

    Recently lost my grandfather who was a HUGE fan of relaxing and listening to vinyl records in his spare time. When cleaning out my grandparents house I came across his vinyl player and just had to have it because of the memories of him getting such joy from listening to all music on it and always hearing music in the house as a kid. Unfortunately the record collection did not come along with it as my relatives were given those but I would absolutely love for one of my favorite albums of all time, and such touching personal lyrics, to be the first thing I listen to on this record player and be able to think about such cherished memories while doing what my grandfather did for some many years, relax and listen to timeless music.

  • Guest

    I waited 7 hours to get front row @ the Yeezus concert in ATL, and filmed the whole concert w/ my phone. Huge fan

  • Tomer Talmy

    This album was the soundtrack to my middle school winters. Nostalgia!
    And Kanye is by far my favorite artist.

  • nora711
    Because Kanye is a gay fish and everyone loves gay fishies ^_^
    Also I love Kaws ._. Their artwork is amazing… and KAWS if you see this! I will treat this vinyl with the utmost care and not do a Taylor Swift with the Moonman award she got ~.~
    And yes…. I collect vinyls. I have been adding up to my parents collection for awhile now.

  • Cyrus Degryse

    Well first of all this is to me the greatest, most inspirational and most emotional album that yeezy ever put up, only equaled by MBDTF.
    Like a lot of people this album got me through tough time, parents splitting up, broken heart and twelfth grade failure, all that the same damn year the album dropped. Well somehow everything was okay when I just put my headphones on and walked in the streets by nights bangin these crazy new rythms and distorted voices resonating with my own pain, cause that’s what this album’s about. But it also sparkled another feeling, joy, joy of being able to connect and feel through vibration, and that’s what music’s about.
    Plus March 26 IS my birthday, so that would just be another celebration of life and the end of those years.
    Worth a shot, peace y’all!

  • SAMhOes

    Its 08′, im 16 in an out of juvenile hall fucking off school in a sad attempt to rehabilitate myself from the abandonment of an abusive father, and separate myself from my reflection in the pile of pills in my moms hands. I blasted “No Nobis Solum Set Totti” accross my chest and laughed at the thought of it after i stuck an empty S&W .38 in the face of the man working at 711. Everyone i knew was slammin some Husalah, or Mac Dre, HD, etc. I Followed suit.
    I had grown up in an Auditory menagerie of heavy jazz, psychadelic rock, reggae, classical, punk rock, and thanks to my mother rap. As a child I played sax and trumpet and kept my nose in a book locked behind four walls to preserve myself from the scary reality of being a talkative introverted white kid in a predominantly black neighborhood. Every night attempting to pull my father off of my newest step mom. Going into my room and jamming to Kind Of Blue, or Ready to Die, on a fucking crazy day some Django Rheinhardt or Captain Beefheart kept me smooth.
    Needless to say that progressed and I listened to different shit as a teen, and as my life evolved into depression, always, i turned to music to send the jolt to revamp my system. This year especially, i needed something. Something different. Something to remind myself of who i really was, Something to Throw the first stone into the double mirrored glass house i was living within. And That shit was 808’s and heartbreaks. This album tore me from all of the gangsta rap i listened too in my teens. I would spend hours in the house, attempting to decipher ye’s piece, rolling one, or scouring the internet to find anything that sounded like it. Eventually this lead to me reading and writing recreationally. Delving into spoken word, into writing poetry for the first time. This album actually expanded my focus again, strengthened my attention span. And forced me to deal with all of my anger in a more constructive form.
    Im 22, an economics major at UC Berkeley, ill be graduating next year and getting married in October. I hope to pursue a career in Song Writing and Artist Management. 808’s and heartbreaks holds a true significance in my heart and memory bank. I really feel it dropped at a perfect time in my life. And honestly without it, i probably wouldnt have begun to commit so much time to finding myself as i did at that age. Yeezus Saved me. (Its like 5 am so i hope you get the jist of my fuckin rambling.)

  • Saint Cocaine ’90’s

    ……it aint ralph thou

  • Armani

    i deserve this album because this album was the absolute shit (in a good way) when it came out! It had such great emerging artist was to me was the pinnacle of kanye basically finding himself since he had such a terrible heart with amber and his mom. Plus this album made me understand kanye on a different level since i was going through my own heartbreak. This played in the background as my music to life. That summer i moved to chicago and found myself. This album was my guide.

  • sapho24

    because i love Yeezy as much as he loves himself

  • Vincent

    I started off hating this album because I truly didnt understand the depths of hip hop and R&B music at the time of its release. I “liked” Kanye, but I truly didnt love him. As I grew more interested and knowledgeable about the genre, I realized that not only is this album one of the most innovative and iconic albums of our generation, I grew to understand the enormous impact that every album Kanye has put out as well as Kanye as a person is to the genre and to music in general. The man is an absolute and one of music’s only current creative geniuses and aside from his personal life, should absolutely be respected as so. Each one of his albums defines a completely new progression in hip hop and opens up the eyes of true fans of music to the growth. He brings that to his live shows as well, making him one of the most captivating live performers I have ever experienced. Kanye is truly one of my musical heroes.

  • Louis

    This album was the first I heard from Kanye, thanks to it I discovered how great he was and I’m a big big fan since this day. It wasn’t easy as a french guy to have news about Kanye back in the days but today I’m so glad to listened to this dope album. I don’t know what else to say lol except, give me it !

  • Louis

    This album was the first I heard from Kanye, thanks to it I discovered how great he was and I’m a big big fan since this day. It wasn’t easy as a french guy to have news about Kanye back in the days but today I’m so glad to listened to this dope album. I don’t know what else to say lol except, give me it !

  • RG

    Because i’m huge kanye fan i love his work and creative mind set, he thinks in a great new way. I realy need this vinyl album ,im trying to expand my collection here


    i just want this i love kanye bruh bruh no lie. I just wanna own someting Kanye i mean i have my Yeezus tour ticket but thats it

  • Slim Thugga

    because I’ll be like this if I don’t.

  • Duane G

    I dont consider it a deserving reward. Id call it something else. But throughout my life, I had always had troubles. My teenage years were the worst. When I was 9, Through thw Wire came out on BET and I thought it was a nice song, really dope. Then I heard All Falls Down and then Touch the Sky, among all the other songs. I was really fascinated by Kanye and the way he rapped, his music made me happy. I hit 14 and wanted College Dropout for Christmas, seeing as there was the whole album fued with 50 and hearing many great things about the album. I had gotten it for Christmas that same year and Ihad fallen in love with the album. Then family problems started arising, leaving me senseless and scared, only to go back to my album and fall into the music. 15 years old, my mom had gotten me and her tickets to go see him in concert here in Austin, Texas and that happened to be one of the most happiest days of myvlife. Only 5 sections away from the stage on the floor, I wanted to sprint to the stage and fanboy like crazy. Left with a few souvenirs and still have the Thank You amd Youre Welcome concert booklet which i keep near my bed at all times to look back on. That was when Kanye became my idol. 16 years old and still had family problems but by that time, 808s had come out and I was blown away. I didnt have a favorite on that album bevause I loved the whole album itself. I recited every word to every to every song. 17, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy took me by surprise and it was the same was 808s, I didnt have a favorite but was blown away bc all were so great. 18, Watch the Throne was an eye opener and I loved it! Now 21, still owning all albums, I still see him as a musical therapist, idol and role model! Im not gonna say I deserve it bc theres someone out there who deserves it more but itd be a nice to touch to have in my possession :)

  • Duane G

    College Dropout and Graduation*

  • Janco Morales

    Got my first record player for my 16th birthday a month ago, something I had been hoping to get since I found out that DOOM released Madvillainy on vinyl, or when BMSR released “Falling Through The Field” too, only problem is that I only own Aerosmith’s “Get Your Wings” and Radiohead’s “OK Computer” for the moment, both great records, don’t get me wrong… but these clearly don’t satisfy my need to own some of the best vinyl records to ever exist on this planet. Ye’s “The College Dropout” and “808’s and Heartbreak” (ESPECIALLY 808s) got me into rap when I was a lot younger than I am now. I know, it’s pretty unusual. But since then I’ve been collecting everything having to do with Ye. And owning this would not only satisfy my need to own one of the best vinyl records to ever exist on this planet, but it would also make me extremely happy and grateful.

  • It Ain’t Ralph Tho

    Simple. Because I’ve had an 808s & Heartbreak bluegrass cover band since ’92. It’s called “It Ain’t Ralph Tho”. Check us out on facebook. #plug

    If you don’t see it…keep looking

  • scotty

    Yeezy taught me.

  • Angus

    Don’t lie Anna. I hate Kanye you want this all for yourself also I turned 18 14 months ago.

  • Jay Campbell

    This was the first album that really connected to me on a personal level. I got into Kanye my freshman year at high school, and this released my junior year. I was going through some tough times with my family, and I felt as if Kanye was taking stories from my personal life and putting them into such a more vivid picture with his music. At that point I knew that I wasn’t alone with my problems, and that even the most famous of stars have their low points, but you just have to appreciate them because you’re going to get back to a high point sooner than later. This was one of the first hip-hop albums I got my parents to like, and it was an everlasting connection to them. My dad passed away almost 3 years ago now, and whenever I listen to this album it brings back all of our memories. Who would’ve thought that such a depressing and emotional album could bring joy and self-peace to someone so young. I am extremely grateful for this album, and would love to win this give away. Thanks!

  • Jacob Shipley

    I believe I deserve this because when I first heard “Love Lockdown” I was like

  • dlarionov02

    Hey pigs and plans,
    My name is Dmitry Larionov. I’m a senior at Boston College and I’ve followed both you and Complex for about 2 years now.

    College Dropout is the album that got me in to hip hop 4 years ago (I know, late bloomer), and each of Kanye’s subsequent releases have similarly rebuilt my musical tastes from the ground up. His actions have shown me that no matter how much you have on the line, there’s nothing more important than being loud and a little crazy about your beliefs.

    Kanyes passion for product, design, and his refusal to compromise are what gave me the courage to put my thoughts on paper. I’ve started a little creative agency and began messing around with photoshop. I will always be grateful to artists who use their success to promote and inspire others.

    I always listen to music when I make things, so when I saw this contest I put on 808s (a favorite) and came up with some concept art.

    I hope you guys like it and keep kicking ass!

    P.s. I just got a vinyl player but have nothing to spin, this would be a great first addition!

  • † BÅI †

    im a 20 year old rapper producer music enthusiast. and i probably deserve this body of art as much as the next guy i guess… the next guy’s might be trying to get a deeper understanding of the new feel the 808s brought to hip that kanye west redefined, in order to redefine it once more. if he’s heartbroken then double whammy, inception type levels to the connections this guy has with the music. he’s probaby got a good understanding of the subtle differences in feel that vinyl brings to the table. and kind of hopes someone gets it on these levels that are oh so creative and entertaining..

  • IG: Wh_kush