Contest: Win Kanye West’s “808s & Heartbreak” Collector’s Edition Vinyl Pack


Kanye West fans and vinyl enthusiasts: this is the contest of your dreams. Universal’s Respect the Classics campaign has been running since September 2013, re-issuing classic hip hop records back on vinyl that have been out of print for years. But that’s not all: they’re being released with special packaging, picture discs, colored discs, and other awesome additions.

In collaboration with Universal’s Respect the Classics campaign, P&P will be giving away the beautiful 2LP/CD reissue of Kanye West’s stylistic left-turn, the classic 808s & Heartbreak to two (2) readers. See how you can win below:

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3. Let us know in the comments section below why you deserve to win this awesome record. The more creative the answer, the better chance you have of winning. GIFs are always encouraged.

Good luck! Competition ends March 26.

You can see which records have been re-issued and which are on the way on the Respect The Classics website here.

UPDATE: The competition is now closed. Winners will be announced shortly and contacted by email. Thanks everyone for your amazing, fun answers!

Winners have now been chosen. Thanks for entering, and we’ve got lots more vinyl giveaways on the way!

  • ¡Toast!

    I fucks with 808’s and Heartbreaks. That should be a good enough reason.

  • Alex Rosenkranz

    I personally don’t deserve it, but my JoLida tube amp deserves Kanye’s most ambitious album running through it.

  • Tronda Rousey

    I deserve this vinyl because i recently just bought a record player and have a new found love for the art of a complete album. Vinyls make you respect the track order and every song on a complete piece of work and 808s is definitely great all the way through. i’m also trying to collect only my favorites and classics, and this would definitely be apart of that list since kanye is one of my favorite artists and im going to buy his other albums on vinyl. Vinyl also brought back the love of buying music for me. I never feel bad about a purchase. Plus welcome to heartbreak is godly.

  • AnnaLee Barclay

    I don’t deserve to win this awesome vinyl. I’m not a huge Kanye fan, though I deeply value his creative intelligence and music, but my brother, Angus, is and he deserves this. His 18th birthday is coming up in April and I would love to give this incredible vinyl to him as a gift. He’s had some tough teenage years and has found inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to accomplish his goals through Kanye as an artist, a musician, a creator, and a man. Angus is a part of the minority who deem this album to be Kanye’s strongest, so that alone would make this the perfect gift for him. Though he’s my little brother, I look up to him more than anyone in the world and would love to see the look on his face if he received such a rare edition of an album that already means the world to him.

  • Logan Read Matlock

    This album means the world to me. Kanye West is my role model in a million different ways. As a student coming from a single parent household you really gotta pick and choose your role models.

    ‘Ye taught me how to shine by coming from a lower middle class background with a life that wasn’t out of the ordinary and grinding until people recognized him. In my eyes, he’s the definition of “you have to want success as bad as you want to breathe.” Every album dropped changes hip-hop, changes pop, changes the industry. I don’t believe I would have the work ethic I do today if I didn’t jam to these albums. Hook me up with that vinyl, that shit would mean the world to me.

  • Mcfly

    Say You Will give me this vinyl. Me, sitting there listening to the same Rick Astley vinyl over and over again? Welcome to Heartbreak, folks. Why would you be so heartless to give it to someone else? I think this album is Amazing, and it is a groundbreaking album in hip hop alone, and pop culture as a whole. I would love to be able to get the needle on this record, so my Love for Kanye could be Locked Down in the arm of my turntable. I know once I finish this comment, I am going to ultra paranoid, checking the comments every day. Checking if there is someone more creative. I know, I gotta drop it, drop it like I am Robocop. But I love this album so much, sincerely. When I am staring out into the rain, with only the Street Lights brightening my day, I want to engulf myself into the genius of Kanye West. Please do not break any Bad News to me; please let me win this vinyl. Don’t be so cold, so cold. If you are, I guess I will See You In My Nightmares. Lil’ Wayne was there too. Weird. If spring can take the snow away, can it bring me a copy of 808s and Heartbreak on vinyl? I think this Coldest Winter will continue if not. Next thing we know, I will be in Singapore, talking nonsensically about a Pinocchio Story… I just wanted have 808s and Heartbreak on vinyl so I could be a real boy, but I know that Pigeons and Planes keeps it too real, boy.

  • Guest


  • Ashin


  • cep

    love him!! i want to won!!

  • Tom Ponsart

    Why not?

  • That fact guy

    I deserve this record because once I receive it, I will shrine it and praise Yeezus, the black mullet, and the holy heart of kaws, because I was blessed with this classic record. The art inside is begging to take me on an acid trip and the drums on the whole album, especially amazing, bring out my kanye stan side. Lastly, I’m amazing, Im amazing. I’m the reason, you’ll be shipping this evening, and no matter what you’ll never take that vinyl from me.

  • Özgür Kurtoglu

    I deserve the record because getting hold of a records like this in Sweden under normal conditions is difficult, and because I praised Kanye journalistically for being bold enough to release this when he did despite the backlash and the opinions telling him to keep doing what he’s doing instead of evolving. This would be the perfect early birthday present for me, and a thank you for being a follower of yours since 2008. If I win this, I promise I won’t treat it like this. »

  • Guest

    Listen. It has been The Coldest Winter here in NYC and I am so over it like: but the winter keeps stomping on us like: so I figure the best way to embrace it is with Kanye’s most minimal, and perhaps his most Amazing album on vinyl. Rather than make me Paranoid or Heartless, having this album thru the rest of this winter will make me all warm and fuzzy like

    So if you don’t pick me I’ll be doing a lot of and you’ll See Me In Your Nightmares. Pick me, I am the least #fufu contestant.

  • parkeryoung

    My mom (mother of 7) LOVES this album, always asking her kids to put it on. And her birthday is coming up. Oh man, how cool with that be!

  • Carly

    It has been The Coldest Winter here in NYC and I am so over it like:

    the winter keeps stomping on us like:

    I figure the best way to embrace it is with Kanye’s most minimal, and perhaps
    his most Amazing album on vinyl. Rather than make me Paranoid or Heartless,
    having this album thru the rest of this winter will make me all warm and fuzzy

    So if you don’t pick me I’ll be doing a lot of

    And you’ll See Me In Your Nightmares. Pick me, I am the least #fufu contestant.
    #fufu contestant.

  • joe

    I deserve to win because I have the answers

  • ColeWorld77

    You deserve this homie, as much as I Kanye fan I am, that is very creative. Just like Yeezus.

  • Jeffrey

    ..It’s not Graduation

  • Aaron Lowden

    I badly want this re-issue so I’ll post my response in this site too.

    I deserve to win the 808’s and Heartbreak re-issue because: 1) I’ve listened to this record back to back so many times I think the counter is in the thousands 2) I cut class and bought the album the day it was released 3)I’ve searched the web and absorbed every single review and article about this album 4) It’s probably the most important albums he’s ever released and I must have it on vinyl!

  • Cody Koblinsky

    Yo P&P I’m really happy about this contest and I’m gonna let you give this vinyl to someone, but College Dropout was the best Kanye album of all time. Seriously tho, I also really dig 808’s and vinyls are the best way to listen to any album, in my opinion, so I’d really appreciate being sent this fine record.

    Much respect.

  • arnold

    Kanye west has been the first singer I’ve known. When I was 7, I thought we could only listen to music it we were women or gay. But the first time I listen kanye west (in college dropout), Kanye West became and still is my favorite singer.

  • Jeffrey

    I don’t know how to embed these jifs so maybe i should win cuza that

  • Jeffreys Brother

    Shut up Jeffrey. Idiot

  • lockstockedd

    Because I would consider it as a record that has grown on me the most since the first listen.

    Also, I just got a rega rp-2 to listen to these bad boys.

    Also, I hear that Lykke Li would whisper sweet nothings in confusion’s ear if you gave it to Lockstockedd.

  • The Zee

    808’s & Heartbreak is one of my favourite albums of all time.

    To have a great work of art immortalized and celebrated in such a way as this shows what this album has accomplished. I don’t think I’d have the same appreciation of art as I do today without this album. It broadened my horizons.

    This album is very deserving of this re-release. Should I not win this contest I’ll just have to go and buy it. I gotta have it.

    Before this album was released I was incomplete. However, as this picture shows, I am now whole.

    (lol that was corny but whateverr)

  • Oscar Oliva

    ‘808s’ is the one album from Kanye that I’ve always been a bit skeptical about. I’ve put myself to the task of giving it another chance and I see no better way than to do so on vinyl. No distractions, just the good ol’ fashioned way of getting into records.

  • Antonis

    YEEZY taught Me….that i can win everything i want!

  • Mcfly

    Thanks, fam.

  • Yan27

    I really want to win this record.
    I live in Germany and it is really hard for us here to get nice things, such as Kanye and special edition vinyls. He didn’t do a Yeezus show here, and when I was in Seattle in october i barely missed it, so that was kinda heartbreaking. And I am repping Pigs&Plans out here in Germany and defending all of Kanye’s moves in front of my friends who think he’s stupid.
    Plus my girl broke up with me recently, which means this is going to be the coldest winter (or maybe more like a cruel summer?). So pleease, let me have this record! thanks.

  • Conal Tutin


  • Benet Elrae

    Well I already have the 100 million dollars and a bad bitch, just need the 808 to go right next to WTT on vinyl.

  • Tommy

    A child could have come up with this. Go eat some fruity pebbles Timmy.

  • JohnieDarko

    Kanye’s Elementary School Diary.

    Dear Future Me,
    Today they served fish sticks at lunch. Gosh I love these things.J

    Dear Future Me,
    Today at dinner i told moms to hurry up with my damn croissants. She said, shut up and eat your hot dog buns Kanye.

    Dear Future Me,
    Just asked Tammy out at recess. She said yes. Then I ran over to the slides and kissed Sarah on the cheek. Hurry up with my damn menage.

  • @nicolaaNOIR

    don’t know if I most DESERVE to win this 808s & Heartbreak vinyl set. I
    have no way of knowing the merits of any of the other contest hopefuls. All I
    know is myself and the music, and what’s become of me since the two have come
    together. All I can do is let you at P&P inside my head and hope you leave
    with a little bit of understanding and maybe appreciation as a souvenir. I was
    going to do something elaborate and/or clever like punctuate every point of
    mine with a GIF, or craft a submission entirely out of Kanye lyrics, but I
    realize I’m probably not as funny, or current, or internet savvy as your other
    readers. One thing I know I am though is honest, and I know that, at the very
    least, I can tell you how Kanye West’s music has helped to shape me as a
    person. I can’t tell you I deserve this vinyl set the most, but I can tell you
    for damn sure that I want it. I want it bad.

    West is, without a doubt, my favorite artist. He’s clever, honest, relatable,
    self-aware, and really just a talented musician. Not only that, but he’s also
    my second favorite person in the world.

    1. ME

    2. Kanye West

    3. My best friend, Trey

    4. Lil B

    5. My little sister

    Now, people might hear this and
    say, “Your second favorite? That’s crazy! You don’t even know him! I hear
    he’s an asshole.” But aside from my parents giving me life, I don’t think
    anyone has ever given me what Ye has given me.

    always seen myself as a thoughtful more reserved person. Unless I’m deep in my
    comfort zone, I’m usually observant and slow to speak. I pride myself on
    noticing things about myself and others, and being knowledgeable of the human
    condition. When I look at thoughtful, self-aware musicians like Kanye West, Kid
    Cudi, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, Dev Hynes, Willis Earl Beal, and some
    others, I cannot help but think of us as kindred spirits, cut from the same
    cloth, striving to sharpen the blade of our humanity that our predecessors had
    left to dull and rust in the bottom of some forgotten kitchen drawer. I am
    painfully aware that I am human. A person with imperfections so numerous they’d
    be impossible to change in ten lifetimes. I don’t aim to change who I am. I aim
    to embrace my imperfections, live in the kinks in my armor, and even dare to
    throw my faults in your face.

    am who I am. I love who I am. I can never be anyone else, and I’d gladly die
    before trying.

    you were to ask me what I want out of life, I’d say I want to be cool. I
    suppose, in a way, everything I do is an effort towards that goal. Now you
    might think that that’s a terrible endgame, entirely counterintuitive to our
    childhood teachings of “Be yourself! Forget the cool kids, they’ll be
    losers by the time they’re 30.” But I think that not only should everyone
    strive to be cool, but they should dedicate their lives to it. I’m not talking
    “Obey hoodie, jean vest, new Jordans, snapbacks and tattoos, turning up
    with a bottle of Ciroc on Instagram” cool, I’m talking about the personal brand
    of cool that we each have in our heads. I’m talking about the daydreams you’d
    have on your bus ride to school where you’d see yourself as you could be, if
    things could just line up in you favor that day. The hopes and dreams that have
    managed to stay with you from your childhood. I think being really good at math
    is cool. I think the adult that pre-orders the new Pokémon game so he can get
    the limited edition figurine has just done something indisputably cool. I think
    it’s cool to go to the store and buy the new album that you’ve had a leak of
    for a week, and when you get home, have hour long, in-depth, conversations on
    Twitter with the unfashionably late, law-abiding citizens who are just now
    hearing it. My point is that we all know what’s cool. As hard as the
    scandalous, immoral media, and the close-minded politicians, and the
    bible-thumping, gay-bashing Jesus freaks try to get their greedy, stifling mits
    on our last shred of sensibility, it perseveres. We know what we like, even
    when it’s unpopular to like it. There aren’t too many of us willing to champion
    the unpopular, and there are even less inspiring tomorrow’s leaders to do the

    there’s Kanye.

    history, there have been Kanyes, and my hope is there will continue to be more.
    Kanyes inspire Kanyes into being Kanye the same way Kanye’s Kanyes inspired

    I losing you?

    “Kanye is for the

    “Strive not to be a success,
    but rather to be Kanye.”

    “Two roads diverged in a
    wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made me Kanye.”

    “I’ve missed more than 9000
    shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to
    take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again
    in my life. And that is why I am Kanye”

    “Every strike brings me closer
    to being the next Kanye.”

    “The past is a ghost, the
    future a dream. All we ever have is Kanye.”

    “We become what we think about,
    when we think about Kanye”

    “Every child is Kanye. The
    problem is how to remain Kanye once he grows up.”

    get my point. The Kanyes of the world bring out the best in us. They are
    unashamedly and unapologetically themselves. They’re on the frontlines catching
    the heat, pushing past the criticisms, forging a path for us. They look back at
    us and tell us it’s okay for us to come out of our hiding spots and do the
    same. This specific Kanye, THE Kanye, has taught me to keep my chin up and
    trudge through the world’s shit. He’s taught me that when no one believes in
    you, that’s the perfect time to believe in yourself. He’s taught me that if you
    be yourself, chances are the world will want to be you too. He’s taught me that
    when life gives you heartbreak, you throw some 808s at ’em (technically 909s as
    well, but whatever) and you make the greatest album of all time. You redefine
    yourself (or clarify the previous definition for those doubters). You change
    the game and set the stage for one of the world’s most well-known rappers. You
    flip the world on its ass. Bottom line: You never let anything stop you. Kanye
    has helped to make me the person I am. The kind of person who ignores the
    majority’s version of cool in favor of his own. The kind of person who will sit
    through jokes about spiders and Cheetos on his head or his “Illuminati” tattoo because
    he knows that this is the person he wants to be.

    this point, I feel like I’m rambling a bit, so I’ll just say this: I treasure
    Kanye West and the art he’s provided us with. I’ll forever remember the month I
    discovered Kid Cudi and found those leaked, unmastered versions of “Love
    Lockdown”, “”Heartless”, and “Robocop” as being both seminal to my emotional
    development, and an essential piece of me. Music is an integral part of who I
    am. I feel it in my bones. It builds up a lump in my throat. It puts
    butterflies in my stomach and makes my chest tingle. It takes up an entire
    space of its own in my mind. I can’t live without it and those who just don’t
    get it confuse me too much to no end. Music is my religion and if Kanye’s not
    God, he’s Jesus, and 808s & Heartbreak is the Old Testament or Ecclesiastes
    or a gospel or psalm or something. I don’t know I don’t go to church. Before
    808s & Heartbreak, I could see, but I was like a dog. Everything was in
    black and white and maybe some shades of blue. Kanye gave me color. Now
    everything is like those new Ultra HD 4D 4K OLED alien TVs. I’ve been channel
    cruising for some years now, but you guys are offering me a chance to watch what
    started it all in Super HD.


    PS. Pigeons & Planes is better than Hypetrak, by far! :D

  • @nicolaaNOIR
  • Isaiah Carter

    I need this to get over my recent breakup and to help me start painting again

  • Jeremy Patterson

    Track Name: P&P

    Verse 1:

    What if somebody from the CHI that was ill
    Got a deal with the hottest rap label around

    Who even cared about his family business
    And the family that can be with us
    Who had the baddest girl you ever seen
    She was straight up out a movie scene?

    P&P so don’t say you will unless you will
    Because treasure is my pleasure
    I aint playin that’s for real.

    Jus know
    Im doing pretty good as far as geniuses go
    Plus still lookin hood in my pink polo

    For all you haters
    You can act like I aint had a belt in two classes,
    I aint got it im coming after whoever who has it
    Im coming after
    Whoever who has it
    Im blowin up and its good

    Im like the Lyer Cohen of Dior Homme/
    That Dior Homme
    Not Dior Homie!
    The crib scarface
    could it be more Toni
    You love me for me?/
    Could you be more phony

    Now its Amazing,
    Im the reason
    Everybody fire up this evening
    Your exhausted, barely breathin
    Hypebeasts goin crazy cause red October season

    Kanye (Past, Present & Future)


    I am a new reader, but ever since I discovered your site I have been an addict.

    Thank you for the opportunity and continue to make an impact by connecting people to music.

    My GIF is from the Never Let You Down Studio session. I wanted to capture something that really summed me up as a fan. I have enjoyed ALL projects by Kanye. His music has always hit me just as Pharrell felt hearing Kanye’s verse in “Never Let Me Down”

    [url=][img]//[/img][/url][url=]via Imgflip GIF Maker[/url]

  • Ejiro Ogagarue

    Kanye west has really helped to good and bad especially 808’s & heartbreaks its one of those records which helps you be okay with the challenges you face and gives you hope for the future .Every time i get to street lights i tend to tear up thinking of where i am and where i hope to be in life

  • Clubhouse-Conversations
  • Jai Wolf

    A lot of people give me shit for this but 808s and Heartbreak was the reason why I became a Kanye fan. I was a casual fan before that – I had all the singles on my iPod like Golddigger, Jesus Walks, and Stronger. But the second I heard 808s, my life changed. I will never forget watching the 2008 VMAs where Kanye was the finale for the show. He premiered Love Lockdown with a bunch of guys lined up in masks playing taiko drums. The sound was so fresh, new, and emotive. Most people thought that auto-tune takes out the soul…I say it breathed in new life into music. I was always fascinated with it way before T-Pain (Code Lyoko theme from Cartoon Network anyone?). So I was on constant watch for the new album. When it leaked, the first track I heard was Welcome to Heartbreak. As a classically trained violinist, I was so enamored by the haunting cellos in the intro. This was also the first Kid Cudi track I heard.

    The entire album of a whole resonated with me so hard. I’m a huge sucker for synths and the whole 80s sound. Robocop had the illest sample (Kissing in the Rain by Patrick Doyle – he’s the guy who scored the 4th Harry Potter Movie). The beat mixed with the orchestra was beyond dope. And Streetlights? Holy shit. Streetlights (and really the album as a whole) basically paved the way the artists like Drake and Kid Cudi. I felt that track so fucking hard. Coldest Winter also was so hauntingly beautiful and Paranoid had the d o p e s t 80s feel. Shouts to Mr. Hudson.

    Sadly, 808s gets so much shit from hardcore Kanye fans who enjoy the classic sound of College Dropout. I thought Kanye was doing something that no other rapper was – pushing the boundaries of what rap could be. He was already talking about his feelings and preppy clothes in the earlier albums…something that 50 Cent wasn’t doing at the time. Kanye then paved the way for synth-based emo rap. The #sadboy club. The Drake, the Kid Cudis, even the Futures of the world wouldn’t exist without 808s and Heartbreak. As an artist, Kanye is one of my biggest inspirations and a lot of my own music is highly influenced by the styles from 808s and Heartbreak. He’s a curator of new sounds and a visionary and the creativity on the album is something I aspire to. On top of that, 808s put me on to Kanye’s entire discography which I think is so incredibly diverse for a rapper.

    Finally, by being put onto his entire discography I really think the root of Kanye’s artistry comes from self-esteem. The dude pulses positivity. Watch any interview. Fuck a rant – the dude is so motivating when he speaks it’s upsetting to me when people call them rants. They’re speeches…speeches about being confident in your craft and to break through any barriers in your way. It’s about being aware of all the dope aspects of your creativity and fostering them. This is what I take out of his speeches. And 808s was my entry point into the mad mad world of Kanye.

    I dunno if the gif works but its from the music video of Welcome to Heartbreak (directed by Nabil Elderkin, one of my favorite photographers/music video directors). The entire video is “datamoshed” and the glitchy effects are absolutely stunning to watch. I think this is stylistically one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.

    Twitter: @JaiWolfx

  • KNZO

    that vinyl had me like:

    but when i read annalee barclay’s or mcfly’s post:

    a bunch of the comments below though…

    fuck a contest. i’ma go buy the vinyl myself.

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Everyone’s post was good and all and Imma let them finish, but this post is gotta be the one to win the prize. All joking aside, I have really been into vinyls for the past 10 years and slowly been diversifying my collection. This album would fit into my collection seamlessly. Would really appreciate if I won this contest it would be amazing, so amazing.

  • ryan magnole

    I deserve to win this vinyl because when I first heard this record I went through a whole box of Kleenex. Shortly after, I was inspired and was able to create music I never could before. I released ‘So Far Gone’ and have come so far from then. I’m one of the biggest rappers in the game now because of this album and I can’t thank Kanye enough. I’m crying typing this up now, so I’ll have to stop here.

  • cesr

    I deserve to win this because I will throw that fucker on and jam to motherfucking Robocop….I fux with that. And then I’ll cry to Street Lights. And because that whole set looks awesome!

  • Patman

    I bought 808s the day it came out in stores. First Kanye album I really got in to hardcore. I loved College Dropout and Late Registration, like everyone else, but 808s is the first one i sat down and jammed to from start to finish consistently at that time in my life. I also accidentally tore the poster that came in the CD sleeve so that has been bumming me out for like 6 years. I was going to make play on words with song titles but it looks like every other person has done that and I’m too high. Pick me and I’ll send nudes (or I won’t; really whichever helps me win)

  • digningetin

    I have a smaller dick than Kanye but more bitches.

  • Alex


  • Brandon Benhumea

    I deserve to win bc I went to the concert

  • Anastasia L

    Kanye West has always been my favorite artist and will be forever. 808s and heartbreak is one of my favorite of his albums even though it is one that is heavily criticized. People always hate on what’s different. WUTEVA. Please don’t break my heart pigeons and planes, I’m already picturing this sexi ass vinyl spinning on ma turntable. Much Love, Anastasia.

  • vbhatt08

    When 808s originally came out, a lot of ppl gave it shit because Ye tried something new. That being said, ppl still fuck with it and as of right now, I am writing a paper on Kanye while I blast Coldest Winter. Owning this Vinyl would be insane. I would love to win this.

  • Ninety-Two Clothing

    I have all of Kanye’s albums (including WTT with Jay-Z). Bought each one the day of the release since Graduation! I have never had a KW Vinyl before. This would be an incredible start to my KW Vinyl collection. You would be making a true Kanye West fan VERY VERY HAPPY!

    Also…No lie, I read an article on Universal’s “Respect The Classics” about this collectors edition coming out a week ago. Two nights ago, I had a dream about meeting Kanye backstage at a concert and he handed me this exact collectors edition with an application to DONDA inside the sleeve. I’m not even kidding. Some may laugh at that, but that’s how much this album means to me. That’s a sign from Kanye Himself.

    So if you think about choosing anyone else…

  • Dino Meas

    I need the answers.

  • Jesse S.

    I NEED this 808s and Heartbreak Vinyl! Pigeons and Planes you have no idea how important to win the most influential, revolutionary, masterpiece of an album in the history of music will be to me! SERIOUSLY! This face shows my excitement! I NEED THIS! This would be my first Vinyl EVER!

  • d todorov

    cuz it’ll break my heart into 808 pieces if i don’t get this one

  • adam paredes

    I hate my job…I hate my wife…I need something to smile about. Hook me up please

  • Joseph Jrpoll Ramos

    I deserve this vinyl because simply put, I played the shit out of the two Cds of it that I bought that they are no longer playable. Plus this would be my very first vinyl in which I am planning on building a huge collection. So it would fill my spirit if you were to send me this vinyl in which I think is one of Kanyes very best :>]

  • Bruno Bgame

    It will be a heartbreake if I didn’t win this.

  • John Tran

    Just because

  • itsacoleworld6

    I’mma let you finish but McFly had the BEST COMMENT OF ALL TIME.

  • mynightCap

    Because this will happen. THIS. WILL. HAPPEN!!!

  • Damjan Pažin

    Don’t need your charity, I’m ballin over here

  • adi

    I deserve to win this record because i got the answers.

  • Sam H

    I think this vinyl would be a great addition to my collection because this album changed the way I listened to music. Before its release, I streamed most of the tracks on Kanye’s Myspace when he put it up for preview (like they did when Myspace was popular in the 00s). I took a lot of the emotion I felt from experiencing the album’s snippets into a cold trip up to Pennsylvania, where my family and I were basically counting down the hours until my grandma passed away. Late in the night, around the second night there, she passed and a snowstorm came through. Coming from Virginia, I had my fair share of snow, but nothing like what I experienced in Pennsylvania those few days. My family took advantage of the time of being together for once and played outside in the snow, generations young and old. When the snow cleared, I stopped at a little mall on the outskirts of my Aunt and Uncle’s county and purchased 808s & Heartbreak. It was the first album I had ever bought on my own. The moments leading up to getting it in my possession influenced how I listened to each track, and I felt the themes of cold winters, bad news and I basically set a goal for myself from then on to give every album that came my way a chance, because every artist is trying to convey a story. Kanye did just that.

  • Dillon Bauerle

    I think I deserve this 808s and Heartbreak Vinyl because I am a HUGE Kanye West fan. I own all of his albums ( digital and physical, some vinyl all CD). My birthday is April 12 and this would be really cool to add to my collection!!!! I’m such a fan, I have a pair of Yeezy 2s ( and those are a prized relic ) Please, pick me as a winner for this excellent collector item!!!

  • Goodwin

    I deserve it because this is art

  • patrick…

    this album saved my life honestly. it saved me from my self. It’s the greatest album of all time. And if I don’t win it, then I don’t win

  • Guest

    because it would go well with my collection homie!!!! HUAHHHHH!!

  • Mario Castro

    I’ll start off by saying Kanye West is my favorite rapper especially since he’s from my home town. College Dropout and 808s & Heartbreak are my two favorite albums of all time. People don’t always understand Ye but I feel like I’m similar to him in many ways and I tend to get myself into problems for speaking my mind as he does so many times. I have my own page on FB called Windy City And Its Finest which is dedicated to everything Chicago so you know i love my city and Kanye is obviously a big part of Chicagos Music! I would love to add this to my man cave dedicated to everything Chicago. Either way thanks for the opportunity but it would be greatly appreciated if I win!!!

  • bodieb

    oh errbody out here doin they little funny shit with the song titles huh. man fuck this i dont want it ion even got a vinyl player. im rich biatch

  • Averil Darkwa
  • Formyfriend

    My friend is a famous rapper now. He’s been working at it for years and finally he has the recognition that he deserves. All along, I’ve never been able to give him a gift of value because I just don’t have that kind of extra cash lying around. I came across this post and thought of him instantly. He collects vinyls ranging from artists like MF DOOM to biggie. He loves the classics as much as the new music out now and he’s trying to revive the classics. I know this would be a wonderful gift for my friend, since I know he looks up to Kanye. And even though my friend could probably afford these on his own, I was thinking maybe I could be the one to afford them this time and make him know that I truly value his friendship.

  • The8r8

    I deserve the album because I lived it. Those songs hit home at the
    time. Every song became so personal that that it became the soundtrack
    of the downward spiral I was in at the end my love. I destroyed myself
    but the album inspired me to come back to life. There was a moment when I
    thought I was never going to escape 808s & Heartbreak. My writing
    name The 8R8 was inspired from that album and my stories show a person
    that reignited his soul. I learned to live again but I will never forget
    the pain and I was fortunate there was an artist that wasn’t afraid to
    relate. That album will always have a special place in my heart.

  • bradley

    being as a working musician songwriter, i am a complete fan of music. i think that mr. west is a very inspired and inspiring artist. i think that it is what people like kanye west that make what they do and turn their passion into something that influences other people. just being able to have a piece of Mr. West’s work would be amazing. i do appreciate Mr. West’s interesting style and how his music evolves in every album. as a listener, being able to appreciate his music is one thing that i could do to deserve this giveaway.

  • J.R.O.B

    I’m a firm believer of an artist finding it within themselves to take the risk and step out of their comfort zone. I feel like this was the point in Kanye’s career in which he just decided to break the rules of hip-hop that everyone seems to abide by. He was emotional as fuck in the eyes of most, but his melodies were always on point. and not only was he on point with his melodies, his subject matter was something of real substance, which is very rare these days. I grew up listening to Kanye, and will continue to listen to him regardless of any persona, style, or swag that he incorporates in his music. The fact of the matter is, he’s using his creativity to inspire others to chase their passion. He has an inspired me as an artist, and I guaranteed that he’s inspired millions of others to take risks because playing it safe in life is played out!! I don’t deserve to win this, but I think it would be dope if I did for the fact of the matter that I could use it as a way to bond with my new step mom. I’m a 22 year old black man into hip-hop, west anderson movies, and an occasional blunt. She’s a 48 year old Irish women who’s good at SNL character impressions. Although we have little in common, we both enjoy old and new school hip-hop. So having that time to spend bumpin’ great music just might help our relationship become stronger.

  • Briggs

    If anyone is responsible for the way rap is today, its Kanye. His genius is unbelievable and he is the most important Rap artist and producer in the last 10 years. He’s an asshole though but that’s beside the point

  • Cy Richmond


  • BloodDiamond

    I deserve to win this because I am probably the biggest Kanye stan on this comment thread. Talking since the early production days on Beanie & State Property albums. I’m such fan it’s borerline sus. I had every bootleg and mixtape I could get my hands on before the College Dropout dropped. I won the CD off my local radio station in 9th grade and screamed out “YES!” on the air like I just won the lottery or something. Me and my best friend were rocking button ups under sweaters during the Late Reg era. This album came out when I was in college and I loved it. Now that Im a DJ and a vinyl collector I’d love to have this, not to mention I’m also a graphic designer and a HUGE Kaws fan as well. Plus, Pigeons and Planes is the shit. PLEASE help a youngin out, I swear no one will appreciate the gift as much as I would.

  • Merve Halide

    I became a fan of Ye when I was 14. I was actually a huge Daft Punk fan, since the first album I got from my dad was Discovery. HBFS was one of my favorite songs and I was thrilled to know more about this rapper who is collaborating with Daft Punk. After Ye’s amazing performance of Love Lockdown a year later, I was really excited about his new album. When I finally got it, I was just blown away. Kanye recently said that some people even suggested he should change his name for this album. Well I think even though he did something completely different than before, it was 100% Kanye West. He was vulnerable, heartbroken and sensitive. Everybody went crazy that time… they were trying to put him in a different genre since 808s wasn’t Hip-Hop or Rap. He still admits that he can’t sing but this isn’t an obstacle. Autotune gave him the opportunity to fulfill his vision of this album. And it was perfect. I always saw Ye as an artist who is not afraid of doing things that people don’t expect him to do. He proved to me that he can be confident at any time but still show his fans a side of him that we didn’t know. It’s funny how people call him a jerk or arrogant asshole or whatever. Apparently the media skipped this album. Every single song on this album is just full of REAL emotions. He lost his mother and you can hear every single pain he felt when you listen to 808s. Anyway, a month after I got 808s my mother got really sick and I just fell apart. All my life she was such a strong woman and now she was having these mental issues. She lost a lot of weight and every time I went to the hospital it was like seeing a completely different person. She was always looking so young, people thought she was my sister. And suddenly she looked like an old woman. She was just giving up life. I spent my days listening to “Coldest Winter”. It indeed was. For the first time I could relate to him. I was so scared that something bad was going to happen to my mother… My dad wasn’t taking me to the hospital on one day and I was freaking out. Imagining “Bad News” could really happen. After 3 weeks alone with my dad at home my mom got back home from the hospital. They gave her a lot of pills and stuff to make her gain weight. After 2 years of taking them and seeing a therapist she got better and better. Everything went well. Kanye made the soundtrack of my life at that time. He helped me with every single lyric he wrote on that album. I can imagine people who are making it through the same (or worse) pain that Kanye did with the guidance of his music. Seeing him live in Frankfurt 2 years ago made me realize how proud I am to be a fan of him. I’m so happy to see him with Kim and North. He finally has his own family and he deserves it (Welcome to Heartbreak is not an issue anymore, Ye!) I wish Donda could see him become such a great dad. Anyway I think I deserve to win this vinyl because I’m a real fan and I truly value his talent, intelligence, creativity and vision.

  • ♪Lithium-GOD♪

    So You Would Wager This Heat Harmlessly At Lucky Loveseekers Patrolling Relentlessly Suffering Looking Bashfully Never Slacking Yielding In Music Naturally Calmly Winning Prizes Secretly ? Hopefully i can win before the winter ends suddenly..

  • Andrew

    Saw Kanye at the house of blues on sunset for my 21st bday, would be cool to win this for 31. 10 years following Ye, he’s become a great artist even while being a PR nightmare.

  • Brian Crawford

    808’s & Heartbreak became a classic inspiration
    For broken hearted girls and sadboys in this generation
    For Kanye’s ego was a big reason for him to be hated
    But after he created, we see why his heart was deflated
    His tears was digital as he wept in Autotune
    This was a 12 page diary of a love gone too soon
    Opened doors for many people, Welcomed us to Heartbreak
    Thought his Love was Locked Down, the Bad News? It broke away
    Say You Will inspired Drake, ‘Ye referenced RoboCop
    It was clear he was Heartless wallowing in electro-pop
    It’s Amazing how he was able to create grim pictures
    Of Street Lights, being Paranoid in the Coldest Winter
    He opened up his chest, revealed his heart around November
    This wasn’t the Polo-wearing Kanye West that we remember
    See You In My Nightmares was frigid cold in auditory
    But how can we forget the hidden gem about Donda on Pinocchio’s Story?
    With this vinyl you see the essence of Kanye unfold
    Put the needles on the groove and feel the warmth of his soul
    I personally demanded for the old Kanye sound back
    Until I LISTENED, the 808’s became my heart’s soundtrack…

    I desire this, but my heart deserves this.

    –Brian Crawford

  • Lew
  • Guest

    “Why do I deserve to win this awesome record?”


  • Nicole

    I listened to this album everyday on my way to school when it came out. When I got my own car I took out the cd from my moms car. She liked it so much she bought herself her own cd. It is still in her car till this day.

  • Guest


    …Why not?

  • Guest


  • Ariel Mena

    Pure art, created in a time of grief.

  • Drewthebasedgod

    I’ve in a non homo way, fell in love with kanye since the first time I ever heard his music. And up to this day I don’t get tired of his music from his 1st albun to his most recent and literally listen to kanye everyday cause that gets me through the day at school. I have every cd kanye has put out including the vh1 story tellers and watch the throne. I try to get everything kanye puts out. And winning this vinyl would be awesome and would be my first kanye vinyl I ever own. Keep on doing your thing Ye.

  • Drewthebasedgod

    Add this to my comment

  • Francesco Di Cecca

    because Italians never win.

  • archdakid

    I don’t exactly want to say that I deserve this amazing prize because a lot of people have great answers. On the other hand, since beginning my collection of Kanye CD’s in 2001 (at the age of 6), one of the albums I never came across is this one. I did download it from iTunes, and I love it, but to have a physical copy would make my life complete. Kanye West is my idol, my inspiration to wake up everyday and THE BEST ARTIST ALIVE (sorry, but I really do enjoy everything that he does lol). Please let me win this.

  • Riley Aparicio

    When I was in 8th grade at Alexander Graham Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina I did a project for Ms. Donovan’s English class that required me to take a piece of art, media, or literature and to interpret it. I chose the fifth track from 808s and Heartbreak, “Love Lockdown” as my piece of art to interpret. My interpretation was a four minute and 31 second interpretive dance that was completely improvised. This was the first time in my life I could FEEL the music. I knew the lyrics to all the catchy radio tunes but I lacked a true appreciation for good music, no pun intended. This album changed the way I looked at and interacted with music.
    With that being said, I still wouldn’t know what to do with this vinyl. I am currently an average college student at Elon University in Elon, NC. I am an International Business and Strategic Communications double major with hardly any time to do anything besides study and attend meetings for school organizations. I keep up with new music and am a contemporary urban culture enthusiast, so you know I have a tumblr (!
    In the middle of my sophomore year of high school however, I was sent to Second Nature Blue Ridge, a therapeutic wilderness experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I have had to deal with countless heartbreaks in my short 19 years of life and I know I am not done yet but with this album I know I can get through any and all of them.
    But none of this really matters. The real reason I think that I deserve to win this vinyl is because of what Kanye West means to me. I truly believe him to be the cultural Messiah. He is a God. As the most influential and creative member of society of my generation, I live my life in complete and utter awe of Kanye and his endeavors. I do not rank Mr. West’s albums because I don’t believe that is fair to the man or the artist that is Kanye West. I look at the progression of Kanye’s work and am brought to tears. Each of Kanye’s albums is its own masterpiece and I hold each one incredibly close to my heart. They each represent a different time in the life of a living legend and this album is no different.
    In closing I would like to say that I consider myself to be the biggest Kanye West fan on the face of this earth and know every word to every track he has ever recorded. I would greatly appreciate this vinyl record because of more than the physical value of it. This record has an incredibly special place in my heart and owning this vinyl would go even further to solidify this fact. I would like to thank Pigeons and Planes for everything that they do and for having this incredible contest that I am fortunate enough to enter! Thank you again and ALL HAIL YEEZUS!

  • Brittany Dukes

    I deserve this Vinyl because listening to the warmth of this album on my record player as a listener, a fan, a producer, and engineer would probably enhance my love for music. Kanye is a character in the public eye, but musically he’s iconic and a mastermind. Attentive listening to his music will allow you to appreciate the craft to a greater extent. It’s more than just an album, it’s a work of art and should be cherish as such. This would be an amazing addition to my growing collection of vinyl as my latest buy was “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” both together would serve as two of the greatest musical pieces lyrically and production wise in the history of Hip-Hop.

  • Guest

    Because I’m ‘actually’ trying to build a “Collection”. Vinyl game is not easy. I’m shooting for 3.

  • Guest



    I want to win so that I can add on to a ‘real’ collection.. So far have 4/12 on Jay-Z.. 2/7 with Ye. Searching for WTT.

    GKMC. I’m 1/1 for available Kendrick’s. #Trinity

  • Vinny Ball


  • Rising Gemini

    I deserve this album because only 808’s can fix my heartbreak

  • Miles Fermin

    that package is dope. 808’s makes me weep when i listen to it on a cold sunday morning whilst drawing my ex lover covered in rose petals

  • Guest

    I think I deserve to win this because Kanye is my all-time favorite artist. I first heard him in the fourth grade and have not stop listening since. I have every single album he has dropped. 19 of my top 25 most played songs on my iTunes are Kanye and Homecoming has 1,000+ plays. Also, why not?

  • RobotNinja45

    I think I deserve to win this because Kanye is my all-time favorite artist. I first heard him in the fourth grade and have not stop listening since. I have every single album he has dropped. 19 of my top 25 most played songs on my iTunes are Kanye and Homecoming has 1,000+ plays. Also, why not?

  • Taj N

    So in grade 4 I was over at my uncles house, and we were listening to the radio. It was a pop music station, and the station was having a contest and whoever the 89th person to call in would win a signed CD of the artist and tickets. For the life of me I cant remember who the artist was. But the one thing I do remember was that I asked my uncle “Why do people Love music so much?” At the time it was a mystery to me. I was too used to just playing video games, and watching movies, what made music so great ? That was until 6th grade where I was introduced to Hip hop. The genre was just so EXPRESSIVE, and freeing from the painted picture of life that were all taught to see. people had a voice and were shouting at the top of their lungs. Artists such as Eminem and Kanye West were introduced into my life and it changed me forever. Kanye west Graduation was my favorite album of all time, I listened to it so much that I could (AND STILL CAN) sing each song word for word. Although I realize other peoples opinions are different on which of his albums are the best, Graduation will always be number one in my heart. Kanye’s first three albums were filled with so much heart and spirit and really lifted me from low times. The amount of passion and dedication on these albums are incredibly genuine and really connected to me as a kid, and young adult as of now. Each one of his albums are on my phone and one of his songs are guaranteed listened to daily. He is such an amazing artist and a real risk taker, with 808’s being such a leap from what we were used to. Yet it just shows how much fan base he has being able to come out so successful and be backed up by everybody. It is a fantastic album, Defeanitly one of his best! I cant say my favorite, I have to be honest. That’ll always be Graduation, But it holds an important place alongside me.

  • Ian_VA

    Recently lost my grandfather who was a HUGE fan of relaxing and listening to vinyl records in his spare time. When cleaning out my grandparents house I came across his vinyl player and just had to have it because of the memories of him getting such joy from listening to all music on it and always hearing music in the house as a kid. Unfortunately the record collection did not come along with it as my relatives were given those but I would absolutely love for one of my favorite albums of all time, and such touching personal lyrics, to be the first thing I listen to on this record player and be able to think about such cherished memories while doing what my grandfather did for some many years, relax and listen to timeless music.

  • Guest

    I waited 7 hours to get front row @ the Yeezus concert in ATL, and filmed the whole concert w/ my phone. Huge fan

  • Tomer Talmy

    This album was the soundtrack to my middle school winters. Nostalgia!
    And Kanye is by far my favorite artist.

  • nora711
    Because Kanye is a gay fish and everyone loves gay fishies ^_^
    Also I love Kaws ._. Their artwork is amazing… and KAWS if you see this! I will treat this vinyl with the utmost care and not do a Taylor Swift with the Moonman award she got ~.~
    And yes…. I collect vinyls. I have been adding up to my parents collection for awhile now.

  • Cyrus Degryse

    Well first of all this is to me the greatest, most inspirational and most emotional album that yeezy ever put up, only equaled by MBDTF.
    Like a lot of people this album got me through tough time, parents splitting up, broken heart and twelfth grade failure, all that the same damn year the album dropped. Well somehow everything was okay when I just put my headphones on and walked in the streets by nights bangin these crazy new rythms and distorted voices resonating with my own pain, cause that’s what this album’s about. But it also sparkled another feeling, joy, joy of being able to connect and feel through vibration, and that’s what music’s about.
    Plus March 26 IS my birthday, so that would just be another celebration of life and the end of those years.
    Worth a shot, peace y’all!

  • SAMhOes

    Its 08′, im 16 in an out of juvenile hall fucking off school in a sad attempt to rehabilitate myself from the abandonment of an abusive father, and separate myself from my reflection in the pile of pills in my moms hands. I blasted “No Nobis Solum Set Totti” accross my chest and laughed at the thought of it after i stuck an empty S&W .38 in the face of the man working at 711. Everyone i knew was slammin some Husalah, or Mac Dre, HD, etc. I Followed suit.
    I had grown up in an Auditory menagerie of heavy jazz, psychadelic rock, reggae, classical, punk rock, and thanks to my mother rap. As a child I played sax and trumpet and kept my nose in a book locked behind four walls to preserve myself from the scary reality of being a talkative introverted white kid in a predominantly black neighborhood. Every night attempting to pull my father off of my newest step mom. Going into my room and jamming to Kind Of Blue, or Ready to Die, on a fucking crazy day some Django Rheinhardt or Captain Beefheart kept me smooth.
    Needless to say that progressed and I listened to different shit as a teen, and as my life evolved into depression, always, i turned to music to send the jolt to revamp my system. This year especially, i needed something. Something different. Something to remind myself of who i really was, Something to Throw the first stone into the double mirrored glass house i was living within. And That shit was 808’s and heartbreaks. This album tore me from all of the gangsta rap i listened too in my teens. I would spend hours in the house, attempting to decipher ye’s piece, rolling one, or scouring the internet to find anything that sounded like it. Eventually this lead to me reading and writing recreationally. Delving into spoken word, into writing poetry for the first time. This album actually expanded my focus again, strengthened my attention span. And forced me to deal with all of my anger in a more constructive form.
    Im 22, an economics major at UC Berkeley, ill be graduating next year and getting married in October. I hope to pursue a career in Song Writing and Artist Management. 808’s and heartbreaks holds a true significance in my heart and memory bank. I really feel it dropped at a perfect time in my life. And honestly without it, i probably wouldnt have begun to commit so much time to finding myself as i did at that age. Yeezus Saved me. (Its like 5 am so i hope you get the jist of my fuckin rambling.)

  • Saint Cocaine ’90’s

    ……it aint ralph thou

  • Armani

    i deserve this album because this album was the absolute shit (in a good way) when it came out! It had such great emerging artist was to me was the pinnacle of kanye basically finding himself since he had such a terrible heart with amber and his mom. Plus this album made me understand kanye on a different level since i was going through my own heartbreak. This played in the background as my music to life. That summer i moved to chicago and found myself. This album was my guide.

  • sapho24

    because i love Yeezy as much as he loves himself

  • Vincent

    I started off hating this album because I truly didnt understand the depths of hip hop and R&B music at the time of its release. I “liked” Kanye, but I truly didnt love him. As I grew more interested and knowledgeable about the genre, I realized that not only is this album one of the most innovative and iconic albums of our generation, I grew to understand the enormous impact that every album Kanye has put out as well as Kanye as a person is to the genre and to music in general. The man is an absolute and one of music’s only current creative geniuses and aside from his personal life, should absolutely be respected as so. Each one of his albums defines a completely new progression in hip hop and opens up the eyes of true fans of music to the growth. He brings that to his live shows as well, making him one of the most captivating live performers I have ever experienced. Kanye is truly one of my musical heroes.

  • Louis

    This album was the first I heard from Kanye, thanks to it I discovered how great he was and I’m a big big fan since this day. It wasn’t easy as a french guy to have news about Kanye back in the days but today I’m so glad to listened to this dope album. I don’t know what else to say lol except, give me it !

  • Louis

    This album was the first I heard from Kanye, thanks to it I discovered how great he was and I’m a big big fan since this day. It wasn’t easy as a french guy to have news about Kanye back in the days but today I’m so glad to listened to this dope album. I don’t know what else to say lol except, give me it !

  • RG

    Because i’m huge kanye fan i love his work and creative mind set, he thinks in a great new way. I realy need this vinyl album ,im trying to expand my collection here


    i just want this i love kanye bruh bruh no lie. I just wanna own someting Kanye i mean i have my Yeezus tour ticket but thats it

  • Slim Thugga

    because I’ll be like this if I don’t.

  • Duane G

    I dont consider it a deserving reward. Id call it something else. But throughout my life, I had always had troubles. My teenage years were the worst. When I was 9, Through thw Wire came out on BET and I thought it was a nice song, really dope. Then I heard All Falls Down and then Touch the Sky, among all the other songs. I was really fascinated by Kanye and the way he rapped, his music made me happy. I hit 14 and wanted College Dropout for Christmas, seeing as there was the whole album fued with 50 and hearing many great things about the album. I had gotten it for Christmas that same year and Ihad fallen in love with the album. Then family problems started arising, leaving me senseless and scared, only to go back to my album and fall into the music. 15 years old, my mom had gotten me and her tickets to go see him in concert here in Austin, Texas and that happened to be one of the most happiest days of myvlife. Only 5 sections away from the stage on the floor, I wanted to sprint to the stage and fanboy like crazy. Left with a few souvenirs and still have the Thank You amd Youre Welcome concert booklet which i keep near my bed at all times to look back on. That was when Kanye became my idol. 16 years old and still had family problems but by that time, 808s had come out and I was blown away. I didnt have a favorite on that album bevause I loved the whole album itself. I recited every word to every to every song. 17, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy took me by surprise and it was the same was 808s, I didnt have a favorite but was blown away bc all were so great. 18, Watch the Throne was an eye opener and I loved it! Now 21, still owning all albums, I still see him as a musical therapist, idol and role model! Im not gonna say I deserve it bc theres someone out there who deserves it more but itd be a nice to touch to have in my possession :)

  • Duane G

    College Dropout and Graduation*

  • Janco Morales

    Got my first record player for my 16th birthday a month ago, something I had been hoping to get since I found out that DOOM released Madvillainy on vinyl, or when BMSR released “Falling Through The Field” too, only problem is that I only own Aerosmith’s “Get Your Wings” and Radiohead’s “OK Computer” for the moment, both great records, don’t get me wrong… but these clearly don’t satisfy my need to own some of the best vinyl records to ever exist on this planet. Ye’s “The College Dropout” and “808’s and Heartbreak” (ESPECIALLY 808s) got me into rap when I was a lot younger than I am now. I know, it’s pretty unusual. But since then I’ve been collecting everything having to do with Ye. And owning this would not only satisfy my need to own one of the best vinyl records to ever exist on this planet, but it would also make me extremely happy and grateful.

  • It Ain’t Ralph Tho

    Simple. Because I’ve had an 808s & Heartbreak bluegrass cover band since ’92. It’s called “It Ain’t Ralph Tho”. Check us out on facebook. #plug

    If you don’t see it…keep looking

  • scotty

    Yeezy taught me.

  • Angus

    Don’t lie Anna. I hate Kanye you want this all for yourself also I turned 18 14 months ago.

  • Jay Campbell

    This was the first album that really connected to me on a personal level. I got into Kanye my freshman year at high school, and this released my junior year. I was going through some tough times with my family, and I felt as if Kanye was taking stories from my personal life and putting them into such a more vivid picture with his music. At that point I knew that I wasn’t alone with my problems, and that even the most famous of stars have their low points, but you just have to appreciate them because you’re going to get back to a high point sooner than later. This was one of the first hip-hop albums I got my parents to like, and it was an everlasting connection to them. My dad passed away almost 3 years ago now, and whenever I listen to this album it brings back all of our memories. Who would’ve thought that such a depressing and emotional album could bring joy and self-peace to someone so young. I am extremely grateful for this album, and would love to win this give away. Thanks!

  • Jacob Shipley

    I believe I deserve this because when I first heard “Love Lockdown” I was like

  • dlarionov02

    Hey pigs and plans,
    My name is Dmitry Larionov. I’m a senior at Boston College and I’ve followed both you and Complex for about 2 years now.

    College Dropout is the album that got me in to hip hop 4 years ago (I know, late bloomer), and each of Kanye’s subsequent releases have similarly rebuilt my musical tastes from the ground up. His actions have shown me that no matter how much you have on the line, there’s nothing more important than being loud and a little crazy about your beliefs.

    Kanyes passion for product, design, and his refusal to compromise are what gave me the courage to put my thoughts on paper. I’ve started a little creative agency and began messing around with photoshop. I will always be grateful to artists who use their success to promote and inspire others.

    I always listen to music when I make things, so when I saw this contest I put on 808s (a favorite) and came up with some concept art.

    I hope you guys like it and keep kicking ass!

    P.s. I just got a vinyl player but have nothing to spin, this would be a great first addition!

  • † BÅI †

    im a 20 year old rapper producer music enthusiast. and i probably deserve this body of art as much as the next guy i guess… the next guy’s might be trying to get a deeper understanding of the new feel the 808s brought to hip that kanye west redefined, in order to redefine it once more. if he’s heartbroken then double whammy, inception type levels to the connections this guy has with the music. he’s probaby got a good understanding of the subtle differences in feel that vinyl brings to the table. and kind of hopes someone gets it on these levels that are oh so creative and entertaining..

  • IG: Wh_kush
  • Mysterypapaya

    So I was walking down the street one day and I saw Kanye West and he came up to me and said, “hey, you should get a limited edition vinyl of my 808’s and Heartbreaks album.” And I said “Wow you’re right.” Then he blew a yellow whistle and the clouds started gathering and turning grey. Then there was a huge boom and a bolt of lightning struck right in front of him that knocked me on my butt. To my surprise, there was a fully grown leopard seal right in front of me with a red leather saddle with gold trimming on it. Kanye proceeded to mount the seal and then he started dissolving into thin air. Once he was gone, the skye opened back up and the rest of the day was sunny. Three weeks later. I was just standing on the sidewalk when the bus drove by me and on the side where an advertisement would be was a picture of a picture of a human heart cut in half. I assumed it was for a new tv show that took place in a medical practice. Afraid that I was late for work, I checked my watch which had the time as 8:08 exactly. 808’s and heartbreaks, a voice whispered in the back of my head. At this moment I knew that I was destined to win this contest. Also, I am a huge Kanye fan and 808’s is one of my favorite albums.

  • Luis Manuel Martinez


  • Ant.

    I deserve to win this because I am just simply Kanye’s biggest fan. His music has seriously changed my life, not bullshitting with you. I truly idolize Kanye, I can remember as a kid listening to all his music on my cd player that i carried around with me like a lame, and I can remember watching Kanye interviews online all day just to look into more of what he stands for and I’ve come to find out that me and him grew up with similar stories.. who doesn’t love Kanye’s music really??? People are so close minded and judge him off of things he’s done with his personality which in all honesty i believe was needed. Bottom line is, Kanye has changed my life and i would not mind vibing out with this dope ass vinyl of that dope ass album.

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