Tyler, The Creator Doesn’t Want to Make an “Earlwolf” Album


Sad news for Odd Future fans today. Tyler, the Creator has all but nixed plans for Earlwolf, his album with Earl Sweatshirt. Here’s the statement, via his spring.me account:

“im serious. i dont want to do it anymore and to be honest it will never live up to the expectations of people that really want it. not that that really matters, but, im not in the mindframe to do a whole album of that shit. i dont want to do it. maybe one day when i dont want to make clothing and furniture and gay ass fruity music about lakes and shit, ill get back around to hard hitting raps, but the way things are looking, its only gonna get worse until i turn full f**.”

Expectations are a tricky bunch. But it sounds like, more than anything, Tyler is embracing his abilities outside of rap, flourishing as an artist, not just a rapper. Tough to be mad at that. If Tyler has broader ambitions, more power to him. I don’t expect that to be lost on Earl. WOLFGANG does not let pettiness play into their equation.


  • Milch

    This sounds to me like he knows that Earl is a better rapper than him and is afraid of the inevitable upstaging.

  • mytgo

    why did you censor?

  • P.eZ (R.I.P Ke’son)

    Damn I still think that would be a dope ass album

  • James Greentree

    well hes already admitted to think earl is a a better rapper

  • cramzy

    I don’t think that Earl being a better rapper matters. Tyler’s cadence and presence is hard to upstage especially with Earl being sooooo monotone. Can you honestly say Earl just murdered Tyler on anything? Even if he did from a technical aspect, I can guarantee Tylers’ performance was equal or better…

  • G14

    None of what he said made sense

  • Momodou7

    Tyler > Earl to me. Tyler is more relatable and an all around artist who builds up his songs from scratch and has a hand in everything. I love that. And for those who say “Tyler can’t rap./Earl raps better.” you just dislike Tyler’s rap style but he is definitely better than Earl. I love em both but let’s be honest…real rap fans know that Earl recycled MF DOOM’s flow and made it his own. Peace.

  • http://dunkno.co.uk Simon Junior

    well he said he hates rapping, so this doesn’t surprise me. he’s a dope rapper though.

  • Alex

    Thats a lose.. but oh well, lets see what ledlampen does now

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