“Game Of Thrones” to Release Mixtape, “Catch The Throne” Featuring Big Boi, Common, and More


HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series on television today, but there’s one demographic the show is having difficulty appealing to. According to the Wall Street Journal, the show brings in about 14.3 million viewers, but only 13.2% are black and 9.2% are Hispanic, while a whopping 76.6% are white. In order to grow their reach to these markets, the show has hired 10 hip-hop and Latino artists to create a mixtape for the show called–wait for it–Catch The Throne.

The compilation, which you can get for free this Friday, will feature new material from artists like Common, Wale, Big Boi, Daddy Yankee, and Bodega Bamz. The lyrical content of the songs will be based on characters and story lines depicted in the show; Common’s contribution deals with fighting to be top dog, while Big Boi’s rap is about Khaleesi, “the Mother of Dragons.” This is probably where I’d insert some funny pun related to GoT, but honestly I’ve never seen the show so here’s this GIF instead. I don’t know, guys. I tried.


  • Matthew C. Torres

    Not going to work. It’s a specific genre on TV, American fantasy drama to be specific. Being a Hispanic that does watch the show I don’t see how rap is going to help grow viewers. We’ll see if this has any positive impact on viewers.

  • MikeyBrock

    I agree with you man, if you don’t like it you just don’t like it. I know lots of blacks and hispanics who watch it, this will probably just be claims for the racist card.

  • tyrionandjamiearegonnabeBFFs

    um, i really don’t think this is meant to be ON the show. more like a fun tribute. kind of surprising to me considering that ridiculous scene of Dany being the “white savior” and “crowd surfing” her new army while they chant Mother. That scene was painful, but still love the show.

  • tyrionandjamiearegonnabeBFFs

    **i meant surprised that my man Big Boi did that despite the icky scene that upset a lot of people.

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