Jimmy Kimmel Catches SXSW Attendees Raving About Fake Bands


One of Jimmy Kimmel’s best segments, Lie Witness News, hit SXSW this week, and just like when they visited Coachella last year, they uncovered a web of hilarious lies. SXSW attendees were asked for their opinion on fake musical acts, like Heavy Flow (and her album, The Toxic Shock Experience), Contact Dermitis, and Willie Nelson Mandela. Unfortunately, the made-up band names didn’t tip off those who were asked. Rather, the interviewees decided to delve into their knowledge about these fake bands. Sigh. Watch the video above.

  • The_Shirker

    Funny but like the other one it’s fake. They actually mention real bands during the interview but then edit in the fake band name sections.

  • Joyce Ng

    But a few of the interviewees mention the fake band names, too. Either way, still funny, and creative if it really is fake.

  • The_Shirker

    True. I think it’s probably a mixture of real and fake, maybe some plants in there.

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