Justin Bieber is Actually Worse Than You Thought He Was


Justin Bieber just cannot stay away from negative headlines at the moment. He was arrested recently, then a petition was started to have him deported, and now TMZ (who seem to have eyes and ears everywhere) have obtained 4 and a half hours of video footage from Bieber’s┬ádeposition in the lawsuit where his bodyguard allegedly beat up a photographer.

TMZ have put together some clips from the deposition which you can watch here. The videos do not make happy watching, especially if you are a poor, simple Belieber who thinks Justin is just a nice, sweet guy (probably not that many of our readers then).

Various highlights (or, should we say, lowlights) include Bieber winking at the camera, insulting the lawyer questioning him, confusing “detrimental” with “instrumental,” and generally just being an arrogant little manchild.

Watch the videos above and below, all via TMZ.

  • Koala

    Not a fan of his, but this seemed completely reasonable to me. He was being badgered about Selena Gomez and Usher in front of TMZ cameras and made to treat it like a respectable legal proceeding. I’d be confrontational too.

  • idiothater89

    TMZ cameras? TMZ released clips of a video they obtained of his deposition. They weren’t there.

  • Philpic

    Pure arrogance. He acts like his sh*t doesn’t stink. But his fans & the media must share in the blame for creating this type of behavior in what unfortunately we now call “celebrities”

  • Uman

    I’m pretty sure P&P celebrated Lil Wayne’s behavior during his deposition in September 2012. Why is the Bieber any different?

  • PierreTheDon

    At the end of the day he’s a young, over-publicized celebrity. Whatever measures his bodyguard took to ensure his safety is not necessarily of his concern. Cut the kid some slack he’s been having a pretty shitty few months.. Also, TMZ only profits by hyperbolizing Justin’s on-camera reaction. They’re not on Justin’s side

  • N

    The proceedings here with the irrelevant selena gomez/usher questions are absurd, I don’t blame him for being bored and annoyed.

  • jay paw

    he looks scared

  • thisguyhere

    this is what happens when no one disciplines you because they’re afraid of losing out on a paycheck

  • Crunch

    I’m with you. Dude’s a little prick, but I don’t have a problem with how he talked to those scrubs

  • Koala

    Cameras in general, it doesn’t matter. Mr. Biebz has a right to be wary of cameras because of, um, stuff like this.

  • Mitch Connor

    It’s a deposition so i’m sure him and his lawyer had a gameplan in this regards. But instead he acts like a d-bag , as expected, and we are suppose to feel bad, answer the question they are YES OR NO. Did everyone really think he was not a d-bag, glad this disposition shows how he really acts. And also he KNOWS its going to be put out to the public, and he can’t act or pretend to be professional, damn damn damn……

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