New Photos of Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Scene Released by Police


It feels weird and unsettling to share this kind of thing, but it’s the kind of thing that I, and most other Kurt Cobain fans, are interested in seeing. Something deeply embedded in our human nature makes us curious about these morbid things, and so here we are, looking at pictures of the Nirvana frontman’s suicide scene 20 years after his death.

The Seattle Police Department recently took a closer look at the Kurt Cobain suicide case because they knew that it would be getting a lot of attention on this anniversary, but they found nothing that changed any of their conclusions, and the case remains closed. They have, however, released new photos from the scene. See some above, and view all 35 of them at CBS.

UPDATE: Police have released two more photos from the scene, both of which are gruesome, showing Kurt’s foot by a box of shotgun shells and his arm and wrist. You cannot see blood or gunshot wounds, but seeing parts of Kurt’s dead body is pretty depressing and strange, especially for any fan who has imagined what the scene might have looked like. If you want to look at the photos they are over on the NY Daily News.



  • Blacky

    Can anyone tell me which instagram filter they used? Thanks

  • Zee Swag

    why had he committed suicide?

  • Taylor Made

    wow, really?

  • Blacky

    Don’t be a retard Taylor you are what’s wrong with the internet.

  • Eddie Feruccini

    Can’t tell if you’re retarded or being stupid?

  • Taylor Made

    You’re the one worried about what “instagram” filter they used…. its called a disposal camera. You Sir are the retard here.

  • Blacky

    Actually can’t believe you replied with that. Determining whether something is a joke or not is obviously not your strong point Taylor. Please leave the internet .

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