Childish Gambino – “What Kind of Love”



Tonight, Childish Gambino caught wind of someone trying to sell his previously unreleased song “What Kind of Love” on iTunes without his permission. For those of you who may recognize the song, it’s because the rapper actually made the song available as a bonus track on Spotify back in December. However now, he’s officially releasing it for free on his Soundcloud in an attempt to stop the individual. He writes:

i saw that someone is selling this on iTunes. i gave this away for free since it’s incomplete and a rough. thought it was wack someone did that without my permission. so i put it up here.

Listen to “What Kind of Love” below.

  • Robert Zaleski

    Starts like Flight of the Navigator

  • Karl Hungus

    Hey CG, 1992 called and they want their vernacular back.

  • b-b-ba-bacon

    sounds like a perfect frank ocean collab.

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